adidas Original NMD City Sock

The adidas NMD is one of the latest sneaker styles by adidas. It's a special sneaker because it features a combination of adidas' old sneaker concepts and desig... Read More

Savannah van der Niet

Savannah van der Niet is a Brisbane-based photographer whose work has the ability to silence any other thoughts you were having. We got to speak to Savannah ... Read More

Adilson De Oliveira

My name is Adilson De Oliveira, but it seems that I'm starting to become more well known by my nickname/pseudonym, Jesus of Jozi. The nickname was coined by thi... Read More

Frances Pryce Lewis on Fashion

Frances is a fashion student, living in Cape Town, South Africa. Her long-term goals include completing an honors in fashion design and starting her own fashion... Read More

Alice Phoebe Lou – Society

Feeling cold due to South Africa's recent cold front? Here's a song that will warm up your soul. Alice Phoebe Lou's debut album Orbit will be released global... Read More

Francisco López

We've kept in close contact with Francisco López since we last spoke to him in 2015. We contacted him to see what he's been getting up to lately. Check out his ... Read More

Bert Pauw

How did you get into art and design? I guess I’ve always been interested in art and design but only decided to pursue it more seriously in Grade 12 when I ha... Read More


Co6y, pronounced 'Cosy', was inspired by the vision of creating a product that would cater to the needs of students in various ways. This idea was bounced from ... Read More

Christean Kareem

How did you get into photography? I've always been inspired by all forms of art. I think what really sparked it was when I went to visit a friend in Lake Sup... Read More

Alessio La Ruffa

Alessio La Ruffa is a photographer and content creator. If you've never heard or taken of noticed him and his work, he has quite the fixation with pigeons. This... Read More