Alessio La Ruffa

Alessio La Ruffa is a photographer and content creator. If you've never heard or taken of noticed him and his work, he has quite the fixation with pigeons. This... Read More

Christopher Ian MacClements

He wouldn't know where to begin with regards to submitting his visual, architectural and urban work. Christopher Ian MacClements' architecture and urbanism ... Read More

Meëk Meëk on Illustrations

Who would you say is your biggest illustrative influence? Keith Haring and Stefan Marx. If you could describe your work making use of three songs, what wo... Read More

Eduardo Magaña on Photography

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Sam Wells

Sam Wells on Photography

You have such an expansive portfolio which includes analogue portraits, landscapes and concert photography. How did you start your photographic journey and what... Read More

DIY with Nelson Mendes

#DIYwithDYD is a series that follows incredible individuals. We learn how they made their amazing projects happen. We talk to Nelson Mendes in our latest post. ... Read More

Dada Shiva – MDNA

Dada Shiva is a rapper-producer based in Cape Town and Pretoria. His sound explores the construction of polarity through the projection of multiple personalitie... Read More

Gourmet – Animals

It’s always a happy day when a new artist like this reveals themselves to the world. To cut straight to the chase, I can feel my innards being indulged by Go... Read More


We got to speak to Mansionair, a magical Australian music group early last year. They have since progressed from duo-to-trio status. Here's what Alex and Lachla... Read More