Dennis Auburn

Dennis Auburn is a really talented photographer located in Houston, Texas. He creates incredible surrealist portraits. His photography focus is friends, while t... Read More

Nelis Botha

Nelis Botha is a South African photographer. He uses the usual Canon 5D Mark III with prime lenses. Most of his personal work is shot on film. He ... Read More

Music – MTNS “Salvage”

Today we've been digging through the music we already have and we've managed to rescue this delightful song, it's called Salvage and it's by MTNS.... Read More

Photography – James Kilian

James generally uses a Canon 5D Mark III with a Canon 50mm 1.4 lens. He recently upgraded from a Canon 550D with the same 50mm, along with a wide angle (Sigma 1... Read More

King Krule – Easy Easy

It's about time that you got on par with DJ's current obsession. Understanding DJ's enlightenment will be easy easy.Photo by: Jonathon Simpson The first ti... Read More