Interview – Glen Hartmann

We got to speak to Glen Hartmann ahead of his Johannesburg tour. His first stop is at The Bioscope with Bye Beneco on the 21st of November. DYD: Humor us, ... Read More

Interview – Sol Cat

Hold on tightly to musical gems. Yetu takes you through an interview she had with Brett Hammann, vocalist of Sol Cat. Sol Cat is this incredible band based in N... Read More

Interview – Red Huxley

We got to talk to Red Huxley about their trip to the USA to record their debut album, 'Nothing More', with Dave Catching, the guitarist of Eagles of Death ... Read More

Interview – SUMO

SUMO is an extraordinary bass music party because it's hosted in a house and the bass is super heavy. Yetu got to speak to Ciaran Mckivergan about the whole con... Read More

Interview – p e t

We got to spend time getting to know Sinead de la Querra. She is the vocalist and co-founder of Fire Through The Window (FTTW) and she's recently started her ow... Read More

Interview – Half ‘n Half

Ash got to spend sometime interviewing Jean-Michel Wickli, also known as Half 'n Half, ahead of his Halloween 2013 performance at !Arcade Empire. In his spare t... Read More

Interview – Mix n Blend

We got to spend some time interviewing Kevin from Mix n Blend after the release of their latest EP, 'Mother City'. 'Mother City' was produced with SFR, with voc... Read More