Interview – PHFat

Leese got to interview PHFat. Their recent album launch for their first full length studio album 'Happiness Machines' at !Arcade Empire, on the 27th of July, ha... Read More

Interview – Double-Adapter

We've been big Double-Adapter fans for the longest time, in fact Yetu recalls a Double-Adapter themed Halloween costume in October 2011. Jacques got to spend ti... Read More

Interview – Aidan Martin

We got to spend some time getting to know Aidan Martin. You can check him out at the next Park Acoustics, click here for more details. DYD: You've had quit... Read More

Interview – Deon Meiring

We got to spend some time getting to know Deon Meiring from Dans Dans Lisa and Glaskas. He's working on a project called 'Die Slaapkamer Sessies' and we're exci... Read More

Interview – GOLDO

GOLDO are a duo from Cape Town. They describe their sound as sea disco and experimental hip-hop and we got to find out exactly what that means. They have also c... Read More

Super Interview – Phosphene

As mentioned once before, if we really like you as a musician and we can get hold of you, then an interview also means a photoshoot. Phosphene is new on the Gau... Read More

Interview – Zak Smith

We got to spend time interviewing Zak Smith, a New Jersey based musician, who seemingly moves through music genres. He has an incredible voice and was named Bes... Read More

Interview – Naas Veld

We got to spend some time getting to know Naas Veld. Naas first started out as the lead guitarist of eF–eL. He decided to pursue his solo career after the group... Read More

Interview – Sons of Settlers

Lucy caught up with Sons of Settlers before their SA Tour and we got to know the guys. Check them out on their Playing The Fool SA tour with Holiday Murray, cli... Read More

Super Interview – Prototype

An electric duo, forming a name for themselves through their unique live performances - Prototype is onto something big. Armed with a digital guitar and a filth... Read More
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Get to Know Holiday Murray

We got to spend time getting to know Holiday Murray. This lovely interview precedes their upcoming Playing The Fool tour with Sons of Settlers. Humor me,... Read More