We decided to go through your favourite articles for 2012. You know sometime in that year Drop Your Drink celebrated its first birthday. Here’s to many more posts and dropped drinks. We work with music, events, fashion, reviews and also have sub-categories. You can expect the top posts in: music, interviews, event and restaurant reviews, our product features, travel and fashion.

Most Read Article in 2012

We hope you guys were prepared for the Oppikoppi Music Festival in 2012 after reading The Ultimate Oppikoppi Survival Guide. This guide could potentially be the best music festival guide in the world. We will be back with an improved Oppikoppi guide this year because we work tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure that your festival experience is a pleasant science. Our second most read article to date is our Beginner’s Guide to Lomography.


The Everybody Hates Skrillex article was generally well received by you except for the few who didn’t actually read the article and thought we were legitimately hating on Skrillex. We never did, we explained why people hate him and why you shouldn’t. We’re all big fans of Skrillex and looking forward to his Mother Ship Tour in South Africa. In second was an ‘electro for beginners’ guide called I Like Electro (You Should Too). It was published in December 2011 but we’ll take it as a 2012 article.  

Aftermath ‘Event Review’

We were shocked to notice that the most read event review post was another Oppikoppi Music Festival post. You guys obviously can’t get enough of it. I Love You, Oppikoppi (The Newbie’s Review) was done by Ash and it was her funny first time perspective on the festival. A close second was the post that Ash wrote about Grietfest 2012 where she praised Griet and told losers to shut up.


The most viewed interview on Drop Your Drink is the interview we did with Work Drugs, a smooth-fi duo from Philadelphia in the States. We love them and you should too by now. Second place by a close margin goes to a feature we did on TheGeorge, a South African band from Pretoria. 

Restaurant Review

You guys love your coffee and the feature we did on Aroma Coffee in Hatfield, Pretoria. In second place was the feature we did on Wolves in Illovo, Johannesburg.

In The Spotlight

Paul, the owner of Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream, might make the best ice cream in the world. We’re not joking. We salute the many of you that responded to this feature and got yourself some ice cream. Paul was recently featured on CNN. Our second place product feature goes to Eristoff Vodka. Have you tried one of the world’s greatest vodka brands?


Americans love to party and they might party harder than us South African folk, at times. Our most read travel related post was our review of our night at Roxy when we went to see Adventure Club in Orlando, Florida, USA. In second place was our This “Top 7 Music Festivals in 2012” List Does Not Include Oppikoppi list.


The Marie Claire Trunk Show was probably the fashion event of the year. It was brilliantly executed and became our most read fashion-related post.

We hope you like what you read. If you have any favourite articles then please let us know. We’d love to hear about them because it will make us feel all warm inside. 

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