POLITIK have just released their debut album, ‘Tell Me The Answer’. We catch up with Lead Singer, Nicola to find out a little bit more.

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You’ve just released your new Album “Tell me the answer”. The songs on this record are inspired by your 2 years on the road and you guys tell stories of your experiences, the people you met along the way, of joy, of suffering and ultimately an uplifting message of hope. What sort of reception have you guys received about it all?

The reaction to our music has been more than we could have hoped for. Some of the best feedback is from fans that message us and tell us that they got goose bumps throughout the album or that they were moved to tears. Not that we want them to cry, but we know that these songs have had a massive impact on them and that is so special for us. It’s been so much fun seeing how everyone has different songs they enjoy off the album. Overall, the feedback as been nothing but positive and encouraging.

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We always think about things like, “How can we use street style photography to change the world?” or things like, “How can we use festival coverage to change the world?” so we’re going to a pose a similar question to you because we believe that there’s always something you can do to improve peoples’ lives in the areas that you are passionate about. I ask you, “How can we use music to change the world?”

I completely agree, and as a band, that has been an important part of creating this album. Music can have the ability to change your mood, help you feel related to and bring people together. It is so powerful and that’s why it’s so easy to be so passionate about what we do. Music has so much strength to give hope and comfort to so many people.
We feel that a personal motivating factor, albeit a superficial one, is that we want to create music to leave a legacy. To be able to materialize something in this life that lastingly affects people. Would you say legacy is a motivating factor for you?

Of course, although not something we actively think about. As an artist, you don’t often get to see where your music lands up and who it can affect. So it’s odd to think that even in 50 years from now, someone could still be listening to our album and that our songs could be helping people through tough times.

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What or who played a big role in the people you’ve become, both personally and in your career.

Our friendship within this band has allowed us all grow while leaning on each other over these 4 years. Our faith has taught us how to be patient and humble. We definitely wouldn’t be in the same place we are right now, without our families support from day 1 and all our friends and mentors that have truly believed in us and our music from the beginning.
Besides music, what brings great joy to your soul?

I love painting and drawing! That’s why it’s been so much fun doing all the artwork for the band and creating music at the same time. I also feel so renewed when I travel or get time to be outside in nature.
Other than music-related stuff, what do you want to get out of 2017?

More than writing the songs, we love performing live, so we have some shows we’d love to play before the year is up.
The main thing we want to get out of 2017 is to make it a fun year. The past 4 years have been very focused and we worked so hard to get to this point of releasing the album with being on the road and funding the album independently. So we’re excited to have fun with this year and see where our album takes us.

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