The Brother Moves On have been working on a really cool project with PARISSOWETO (an online music exchange project between France and South Africa). They have just released a mixtape showcasing renewed expressions of South African jazz by artists based in Johannesburg. The mixtape seeks to offer insight into this world to both French and South African audiences.

Siyabonga Mthembu from the Brother Moves On explained the thinking behind each track on the mixtape: ““The Voices in My Head is an ode to happy brown baby voices in the Johannesburg scene that I view as family. Their music is kindred to what we are doing and speaks to a new contemporary understanding of what South African jazz is to a new generation. We value the traditions of the music, we know ingoma is the root word to sangoma, the healer who heals through the natural by activating the frequencies we’ve known and experienced for millennia. This compilation is done as part of the celebration of the release of our new project entitled Black Tax which will see us release a track a month for the next nine months. The first track is “Shiyanomayini” and the single and video were released on the 30th of October, along with a bonus track, “Bayagoloza”. We are travelling to France where we will be playing at the Transmusicales Festival in Rennes on the 5th of December and this playlist should keep you warm till we arrive. And no we aren’t all from Soweto. This mixtape is mixed by my childhood friend Enneskay from Acidchipmonks with songs I freestyle on mixed by Jab-A-Jaw.”

We are long time fans of The Brother Moves On and we think this mixtape is a pleasure to listen to.

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