Adrian Martens, a South African electronic producer, aliased under the name Dasychira, has released his debut EP ‘Immolated’.

Adrian is currently based in New York. We believe that the very concept his new EP is based on came from the creative outlets that the funky city has to offer. The EP’s concept revolves around the life cycle of the praying mantis. ‘Immolated’ has come to life with Aid of FaltyDL‘s Blueberry Records.

Vipera, featuring Embaci (below), is the first single released from Immolated. Adrian works with unusual found sounds and textures and offers a personal perspective on the media he works with.Dasychira to Fader on a close encounter with a mantis. The way it was so balanced and vicious fascinated me. I wanted to channel that feeling into this song, he said. I made the instrumental but something felt missing. I needed a vocalist to bring out the emotion in the track. I had recently heard Embaci on a recording with Elysia Crampton and knew I had to reach out to her to sing on the track. Within a few days she had written the most wonderful lyrics and melody for the track that enhanced my original feeling and created an entire new and profound ballad.

Dasychira’s Immolated EP is out now on Blueberry Records (order it here).

Stalk more of Dasychira‘s tracks and mixes on his Soundcloud.

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