Our Friends Make Great Local Music

We’re reviewing some of our favourite local acts. Our friends, featured in this list, are killing the South African local music industry. This list features genres across the musical spectrum.

Gateway DrugsGateway-Drugs

Gateway Drugs, a duo from Cape Town, with an interesting name deploy dream-pop and 80s synth. These two continue to push South Africa’s music boundaries into international streams. Some of our favourite tracks include “Dare Tonight”, “Magick Spells” and “Night Swimming”.


BCUC, Bantu Continua Uhuru Consciousness, captured our imagination with their live performances. They completely disrupt the idea of a live musical show through use of chants, appropriate silences and drama. You need to watch them perform live to grasp the magic of their performances. They use their shows to tell stories and spread messages that we all need to hear.

Desmond and the Tutus

Oppikoppi_2015 (183)

Have you experienced love at first sight? Or perhaps, love at first listen? We’ve experienced the latter and it happened at Oppikoppi in 2012. Desmond and the Tutus were playing a sunset set at the James Phillip stage to a large crowd. We were walking past, on our way to the Red Bull stage, not knowing that we were about to become life long fans. The band started playing “Kiss You on the Cheek”, and that was it. We fell in love with this local act. We have always loved the sincerity and playfulness of their lyrics. We find their pop-rock funkiness addictive and all agree that they are one of our favourite acts to watch live.

Black Coffee

Did you know that P Diddy loves Black Coffee? There’s a video of P Diddy losing his mind to a Black Coffee set and we like that video for two reasons. The first, revolves around how we understand how Diddy must have felt and secondly, we like that Black Coffee is killing the music industry abroad. He truly is a South African ambassador for incredible music. He also spreads message of hope and imparts lessons where ever he goes. We want the best for Black Coffee and his musical vision.



PHFat might change more times than Destiny’s Child and Sugababes but we all know that it’s to the glory of the act. The group is currently down to Mike Zietsman and we trust that he has great ideas to carry PHFat forward. We love PHFat because it has an international bass sound. We love PHFat so damn much.


Everyone knows Goldfish. If you don’t then you’ve clearly been living underground as mole rat for years. They are one of our favourite live act/DJ duos because their music generates dance moves. You need to check out their live act and watch them perform with a multitude of instruments. They are really are such talented guys. We also dig that they love local singers and give them a platform to belt it out.


Splashy Fen 2016

We’ve been long time fans of Haezer. Our love stretches back for years. He was considered the electro trash king but he’s moved into a space of artistry using many sub-genres within electronic music. He shows growth every time he releases new music.

Spoek Mathambo

We believe that Spoek Mathambo is one of South Africa’s most unappreciated musicians. His afro-electric sound has seen him being praised abroad and yet, he maintains a small cult following at home. Those in the cult, know his worth and will vouch for him. We wonder why it’s so difficult for others to see what a musical magician he is.

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