Push Push a.k.a. Nicci St. Bruce a.k.a your girlfriend’s favourite rapper is at it with her latest music video.

Push Push has been wrecking the streets since she picked up the mic.

I believe that she checks out all 10 of Hip Hop DX’s Laws of Success for an Indie Hip-hop artist. 

  1. She has definitely done her research
  2. Push Push makes use of her network to usher herself closer to where she wants to be
  3. Her final product and her sounds are of a great quality
  4. Nicci’s independence speaks for itself
  5. If you want to check out her consistency, simply check out her SoundCloud page
  6. Push Push has performed at some of South Africa’s top events, such as; CTEMF, Griet & more
  7. If you’ve ever bumped into her post-performance, you’ll quickly learn how humble and hard-working she is
  8. Her physical presence goes without saying,
  9. As does her identity
  10. She’s not out to disrespect anyone, just to build relationships and stay persistent

Push Push

Image courtesy of LADYGUNN

We found out what “Blood In”is inspired by via Push Push’s interview with LADYGUNN.

Push Push went on to say that it’s about a multiverse of subjects; sex tapes gone missing, lost friends, feeling powerful, feeling good naked and feeling grown.

Watch Push Push’s “Blood In” below:

Video Specs:

  • Produced by: Jackie Stone
  • Directed by: Fabian Vettiger
  • D.O.P: Fabian Vettiger
  • Editor: Stephen du Plessis
  • VFX: Lena NW
  • Stylist: Peter Georgiades
  • Make Up: Toni Greenberg

Stalk more of Push Push on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and listen to what she has to say on SoundCloud.

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