Mafunde was composed in 2015 and released on the ‘Wasi-Wasi’ project of the same year.

“Mafunde actually came about after my computer crashed, I lost all my presets and had to start again and this is the result! It’s a personal track about a girl that I met. I met her near a garden of roses and that’s the inspiration behind it really. I hope that she hears it!”

As noted by Apparently Magazine who premiered the track, “Mafunde ventures into the realms of what could have been”.

It’s in this respect that the visuals come in. Incidentally I did see that girl again after about a year. This time-lapse led my heart to move on. “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it” is a phrase passed in the video. This phrase along with all the other words dance with me as I navigate the forest of my mind. A forest located in an eerie fantasy of wilderness and in the reality of inner city Johannesburg. The flowers are symbols of the heart’s good intention and the eerie swampy shots are symbols of the mind’s reality. The combination of the visuals and the audio take place in a space where the heart and the mind meet.

Photo by: Simnikiwe Buhlungu

“It is a reflection of the past as well as a caution of the future.”

I decided to collaborate with cinematographer Sims Phakisi of WeHeartBeat to shoot the visuals as I greatly admire his keen eye, especially when it comes to shooting lighting, framing and movement.

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Listen to Mafunde below:

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