Umlilo is one of our favourite South African acts because of his exploration of avant-garde aesthetic. He has just released the music video for his latest single, Reciprocity.

The video tells a genderless story of love, a new take on the traditional boy-meets-girl narrative that we’ve seen in the past evoking images of forbidden, strange fruit and all things that awaken the senses, apexes of pleasure, guilt and remorse.

“The song explores an idea of an exchange between two people for mutual benefit and privilege but what happens if the feelings of love are reciprocal in a negative way? The same feelings can cause heartache, bitterness, jealousy and the need for revenge,” says Umlilo.

It’s difficult to look away from this music video. Umlilo and the amazing team behind him have created a visual adventure. We hope you enjoy it too.

Photos by Luca Vincenzo, Odendaal Esterhuyse, Deon van Zyl and Fiona MycPherson

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