Beatenberg is back with a bit of a bang. This three-piece band from Cape Town recently released their new single, ‘Chelsea Blakemore’, which you might have heard on 5FM. It has a catchy, sing-a-long kind of vibe. Jacques bets that you’ll be humming, ‘My head’s in the way of my heart,’ straight through summer.

This is Beatenberg’s first release under Universal Music, and their full-length album will be coming out early in 2014.

I saw them at Rocking the Daisies 2012, and they didn’t disappoint. They’ve got a sweet vibe live. It’s super groovy, and they’ve got a lovable stage presence. They’re more pop than folk, but without all the pop cheese South African music lovers get fed on the regular. They’ve got a fresh appeal.

You can catch them at Bohemia, Stellenbosch on the 22nd of August and they’re also playing Manilla Bar in Cape Town with The Plastics and Holiday Murray on the 30th of August.

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