We dig South African artists going out of their way to perform in unusual ways and Deon Meiring from Glaskas and Dans Dans Lisa is one of them. He is launching Season 1 of Die Slaapkamer Sessies today. Die Slaapkamer Sessies is a new performance concept and each week Deon will release a brand new episode of Die Slaapkamer Sessies where he performs music fit to be played in a bedroom. Season 1 of Die Slaapkamer Sessies will be 10 episodes long.

Die Slaapkamer Sessies came about because Deon wanted a space to create songs that did not fit in with his other musical projects. It’s about new music, old music that didn’t quite fit and even collaborations. You can expect a new bedroom every week and intimate acoustic music made up of instruments such as his guitar, some piano, tambourines, guitar cases, boxes and music boxes. 
Deon had a few comments on Die Slaapkamer Sessies: “The difference with what I’m doing now and my other music projects, is that I am allowing myself to write music with a more personal approach, rather than with an existing audience in mind. The songs will have an even stronger lyrical foundation and the sound will inherently be very stripped down. I’m allowing myself to make the kind of music that has a lot to do with listening and a lot of that listening has to be done by me, the musician. I’ve done the odd track on albums here and there previously with a similar style in mind, but that was always as an afterthought or something in the background. Now it’s becoming central.”

Get involved and motivate why Deon should perform in your bedroom and you might get that wish. Here is the first episode:

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