Holiday Murray is back with their new single, Powa, and fans will be happy to hear some new material coming from this Capetonian four-piece in the shape of their new release Puffadder Sessions.

Holiday Murray’s unique tribal-rock sound is clear on Powa, complete with chants and a drum sound leading the song into an eventual frenzy. The music video is aesthetically pleasing as always, with a range of visuals created by lead singer James Tuft’s artwork. Fresh.

Southern South Africa can be stoked to catch Holiday Murray on tour too. You lucky ones.  Here are the dates/venues:

– 26 March – Aandklas

– 26 March – Tropical Roast

– 31 March – KKNK

– 09 April – Waiting Room

– 10 April – Bohemia

– 17 April – Mercury

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