We catch up with Adelle Nqeto ahead of her performance at this month’s Park Acoustics.

What happened to Flint Meet Spark!?

We decided to end that project, because Josh and I wanted to focus on other projects and areas of our lives. We released an EP to end off, called “The Way I remember You”.

How have experiences like Flint, Meet Spark shaped your musical style today?

Flint, meet Spark was the first time I got to really write collaboratively with someone, and also was the first time I got to “find” my own voice as a writer/musician, so I would say it’s been important in shaping my musical style.

Photo by Henry Engelbrecht

When did you realise that you wanted to pursue a musical career?

After we decided to end Flint, meet Spark, I realized I still felt like I had something to share with people, and a ton of songs sitting there. It was more of a gradual thing though, I can’t remember a particular moment where I thought about it as “pursuing a musical career”. It felt, and still feels like I’m doing what I should be doing now, and trying to make the best decisions to support that.

Would you suggest giving your child the name “Adelle/Adele” in order to raise a singer with a beautiful voice?

To other people? Maybe, but mostly because I think it’s a pretty name. I can’t guarantee that your kid will have a beautiful voice though. But I’d say, chances look good.

What would you say are the biggest struggles of a solo performer in South Africa?

Finding the right spaces that are suited to solo performers is probably a big one.

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