We’re big fans of Beatenberg, a Cape Town based band. Beatenberg is made up of Matthew Field, on vocals and guitar, Ross Dorkin, who plays the bass, and Robin Brink, on drums. Ash kept our immense fanlove alive with this interview that she did with the band. You get to hear from Matt and Rob as they talk about things like Chelsea Blakemore and the #BeatenbergforBastille hashtag.

DYD: Hey boys! So we know who you are, but we don’t know who you really are. Could you tell us something about each of you that we wouldn’t know i.e. special talents, tour habits, your favourite 80s dance move?
Matt (Beatenberg): I’m studying English, but I’m in kak at UCT because I’ve been missing lectures in order to record and gig with the band. The other day I spent the whole day in the library and wrote thousands of words.
Rob (Beatenberg): One of our tour habits is boarding planes. It’s a tough habit to shake.

DYD: What’s the story behind the band name?
Matt (Beatenberg): Beatenberg is a town in Switzerland. Robin has a rich banker uncle who lives there, and he insisted we call our band Beatenberg.

DYD: How has your music changed since the band formed?
Matt (Beatenberg): It’s probably a little more aware of the world, more worldly. It’s also more direct and distilled, more like pop music. The colour palette is also richer and bolder. Do you know about the different spellings of ‘pallete’ and ‘palate’? Also if you don’t touch your palate with your tongue when you say ‘palate’ it sounds like ‘parrot’ which is a colourful bird (ie. has a rich and bold colour ‘pallette’). ‘It dowwels on the palate’ means that something is delicious.

DYD: We absolutely love your hit Chelsea Blakemore! However, who is this girl?
Matt (Beatenberg): Thanks! Hmmm… she’s more than just a girl. She’s a frame of mind.

DYD: What can we expect from your next album?
Matt (Beatenberg): Expect it to ‘dowwel on the palate’. Seriously, I’m so excited for it. It means the world to me. I think people will like it. I hope so. I mean, I see it as our first significant and properly considered statement. I think it will answer a lot of questions about Beatenberg – people will really know who we are when it’s released.

DYD: We can imagine the recording process is quite intense. Could you give us a little insight on what goes on behind the scenes?
Matt (Beatenberg): Basically we drive out to the studio in Stellenbosch and then we sit around drinking tea and eating cheese and tomato rolls the whole day. When we leave we have the most banging tracks. I don’t know how this happens, but let’s hope it keeps working. We have another set of sessions in early December and then post-production.

DYD: Twitter has gone crazy amongst your fans with the unofficial #BeatenbergforBastille hashtag, regarding Bastille’s South African tour in 2014. What are your thoughts on this?
Matt (Beatenberg): Yeah, we’d love to have that opportunity. It’d be amazing. We’re trying our best. Let’s hold thumbs!

DYD: There’s a lot of fun rivalry between Beatenberg and Al Bairre. Although competition was intense for Vodacom In The City, it still seemed like there was firm support for each band from both sides. Is there any chance for a smash-hit colab to be done between both bands in the future? *wink wink*
Matt (Beatenberg): Haha! Yes. I actually haven’t seen those guys since the competition. I hope they don’t think I’m jealous that they won. I am jealous that they won. I’d never thought about a collaboration before. I’m sure it’d be fun and I’d be up for it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: ‘I love you Nic!’

DYD: Are there any memorable gigs from this year that you would like to share with us?
Matt (Beatenberg): No not even one. I haven’t played properly yet at a gig. Wait till I do.

DYD: Lastly, if you could perform at any international music festival, which one would it be?
Matt (Beatenberg): I’m not sure. I don’t know which is the best. I suppose Glastonbury is not a bad option as it’s so famous. Yeah, I’ll go with that.

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