We got to spend some time getting to know Desmond & the Tutus ahead of their New Year’s Eve performance at !Arcade Empire. If you want to catch them on the night then check out the details that we posted earlier on in the month, click here.

DYD: Has Desmond Tutu ever hit you guys up?
Desmond & the Tutus:
Yes actually – well, “his office” sent us a really nice letter about a year or two ago. He seems like a pretty awesome guy.

DYD: How have you guys stayed such good friends in the band and also how do you manage the logistics of being located in different cities? 
Desmond & the Tutus: It’s not too difficult, Shane and Craig are brothers and Nic and Doug are brothers-in-law, so it’s a family vibe and we really like each other so that helps too.

DYD: What do you like about performing live and do you have a specific song that you like to play? 
Desmond & the Tutus: Performing live is what we’re all about – we started out focussing hard on building a live following so it’s what we’re best at. We all have our favourites, Tattoo, Kiss You on the Cheek and Zim Zala Bim are some of our favourites.

DYD: Where do you get your Halloween costume inspirations from? We’ve seen you in costumes ranging from The Parlotones to Ali G.
Desmond & the Tutus: They just come to us really, Parlotones was an easy decision but Ali G was a bit of a wild card but I think it worked out pretty well.

DYD: Do you guys have a favourite performance? Where was it and why is it a favourite?
Desmond & the Tutus: We loved Park Acoustics in September 2013, definitely a highlight for us. Otherwise any big shows that we’ve done in Japan and Stockholm are also up there.

DYD: Who are some of your favourite international artists and acts? We’ve heard the more obscure they are the better but personally we’re having a thing for the Tears for Fears again.
Desmond & the Tutus: Lately we’re really into Japandroids, Friendly Fires, the new (and all the old) Franz Ferdinand and St Lucia (big time!).

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