We got to spend some time getting to know Henk, also known as Doctor Khumalo, ahead of his New Year’s Eve performance at !Arcade Empire. If you want to catch him on the night then check out the details that we posted earlier on in the month, click here.

DYD: Henk, may we ask why you picked the name Doctor Khumalo?
Henk (Doctor Khumalo): Schrooms + Transkei = Doctor Khumalo

DYD: Tell us about your first DJing experience. Where did it happen, when did it happen and what happened?
Henk (Doctor Khumalo): It was at the first Dogbox foam party, Johan Auriacombe from Griet gave me a 30min crash course the night before. Next evening I was up there, very confused, but managed to survive the hour.

DYD: What is one of your favourite tracks to get the party started?
Henk (Doctor Khumalo): Hermitude – Speak of the Devil

DYD: Do you have a favourite performance? Where was it and why is it a favourite?
Henk (Doctor Khumalo): Playing Synergy with Kid Robot was one of my best shows, generally love playing all the TNH & Griet parties.

DYD: Who are some of your favourite international artists and acts?
Henk (Doctor Khumalo): Mount Kimbie, Gigamesh and Classixx

DYD: Crazy fan experiences? Have you ever had any and care to elaborate?
Henk (Doctor Khumalo): Mmmmm… let’s keep this one under wraps.

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