We’ve been big Double-Adapter fans for the longest time, in fact Yetu recalls a Double-Adapter themed Halloween costume in October 2011. Jacques got to spend time grilling Dan about the duo, their future plans and their upcoming performance at Grietfest, click here for more Grietfest details.
Photo by Warren van Rensburg
DYD: Double-Adapter has been laying pretty low since last year. We’ve mainly seen you up on main festival stages and once or twice in Pretoria and Johannesburg. We’re glad to have you back. Why the silence?

Dan (Double-Adapter): It’s good to be back! We decided to take a little break last year just to get a little bit of perspective on the scene and deciding what we wanted to do next. That mixed with our day jobs meant it became quite difficult to find the time to even be in the same city as each other on most occasions but we are happy to be be back and picking shows that we think are right for us.

DYD: What inspired the name Double-Adapter and how did your stage dress-up come about, Tim in Black and you in white?
Dan (Double-Adapter): Well our surname is Apter and there are two of us, merge that with electronic music and a nickname that pursued us through high school and there you go! We were playing for about a year before Double-Adapter as you know it was born and we decided it was time for a definitive look for ourselves. The choice of who got white and who got black came down to a flip of a coin, no one wanted white, it’s pretty hard to keep a white suit clean in a club environment. I lost the coin flip.

DYD: You often have tours in Germany. Are the German and South African electro scenes really different and were you at all surprised at the response you got from South Africans when you started performing here initially?
Dan (Double-Adapter): They are actually not that different at all in terms of music and the kids going to the parties, I would say that the major difference is how long they can go for. In SA the party is over at 4am, in Germany the party is over at 2pm the next day. I think when we started performing here we were slightly taken aback, it was nice to know that people enjoyed what we were doing and the loyalty that followed was truly amazing.

DYD: How did you fall into the music industry? Is this always something you’ve wanted to do or did an opportunity present itself?
Dan (Double-Adapter): Tim was always a musician, he played in numerous rock bands. I got started with DJing indie parties in the early 2000s. We both always had a passion for music, as we grew up in a very musical household, and to a degree I guess it’s something that we both wanted to do but I think in the case of Double-Adapter it was more an opportunity that presented itself to us and we couldn’t say no.

Photo by Warren van Rensburg

DYD: We think you guys make incredible mixes and the live band aspect of your performances just adds another dimension. Have you ever considered going into music production beyond Eat You Alive? Could we ever look forward to a Double-Adapter EP?
Dan (Double-Adapter): It’s something that we have always thought about doing but we have always been in two minds about. We are first and foremost DJs and we don’t see anything wrong with that, we love to do it. However, there is always that little itch in the back of our minds to produce more. Tim is currently working on a side project EP but once that is done I have a strong suspicion that you may see something a little different from us…

DYD: You both have a refreshing amount of head-banging energy on stage. Do you have any pre-performance rituals? And what is the best part about performing live?
Dan (Double-Adapter): Ha ha, we totally do! Tim drinks while he makes fun of me for stretching for about half an hour, I tend to hurt myself quite easily. The best part about performing live is getting to fuck out to music that you really love going nuts too. We get to pick the playlist and we get to go as crazy as we like!

DYD: There’s a bit of a buzz around your set at GrietFest 2013. People from all over are pretty curious. What can we expect from your set? Animals on stage? Creepy Visuals? Another Haezer vs. Double-Adapter smash down?
Dan (Double-Adapter): We have a couple of ideas but I think we’re going to keep them close to our chest for now, but animals on stage sounds pretty good to me.

DYD: What are your favorite records of 2013 so far?
Dan (Double-Adapter): Good god, that’s a tough question. I can’t speak for Tim but for myself I would say: Shortstraw – Good Morning Sunshine, Foals – Holy Fire, Justice – Access All Arenas, Jay Z – Magna Carta Holy Grail, iamamiwhoami – Bounty and I’m really looking forward to Lady Gaga’s new offering Artpop.

DYD: If you guys could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?
Dan (Double-Adapter): Yet another really tough question! We have always wanted to work with a dynamic female rap artist, I think I’d go for Santigold or M.I.A.

DYD: We’re going to fire away a quick set of ‘pick one’ questions. 
Hip-hop or Pop? Dammit, Pop
Greenside or Kloof Street? Our awesome home, Greenside!
Europe or the US? Germany
80’s fashion or 90’s fashion? 80’s, disco!

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