The DYD team went to the Vintage Design Fair at +27 Cafe some time ago and met up with Float Parade. Ash, our amazing interviewer was in charge of the interview and she got to know the guys. Float Parade is composed of Nic Dinnie, Hugo Radyn, Thean Heynecke and Pule Makona. A brief introduction to Float Parade will lead you to discover that this independent 4-piece band has some very talented musicians, with Nic as the bassist for Desmond & the Tutus and Hugo featuring as a drummer for Cassette and other SA Artists. They are based in Pretoria and their sound could be described as funky soul.
Thean (left), Nic (centre) and Hugo (right) from Float Parade
Photo by Lourens Smit

DYD: Who is Float Parade? Tell us how you started off.
Nic: My name is Nic, I’m the lead singer and guitar player. I’m joined by Hugo, the drummer, unfortunately Thean, the bass player, and Pule, the keyboard player, are not here right now. They are probably busy buying food or something. I started writing songs when I was about 19 and those songs developed into my style; Hugo, Thean and Pule kind of joined on and we made the band.

DYD: Where did the name Float Parade come from?
Nic: All the good band names had been taken.
Hugo: Like Prime Circle.
(Everyone laughs)
Nic: Float Parade just depicted the band.

DYD: Does it mean anything?
Nic: For us it means that our music is our float parade. Everything song is a little different and most of it’s pretty chilled stuff; it’s that kind of feel.

DYD: I must admit you did get quite a few people excited because they thought there was an actual float parade.
Nic: There is, well sort of.
Hugo: Well we could do it in my car.
Nic: We could plug it to the battery and really make a party in the car if you want.

DYD: For the people that aren’t familiar with your band what sort of music do you play?
Nic: Quite a nice combination of everything. There’s a little bit of rock, funk, soul, blues, jazz and RnB.

Hugo, from Float Parade
Photo by Yetu

DYD: What are your plans for the future? As a band, where are you guys going?
Nic: I would love to write more awesome music. Music that doesn’t necessarily have to be loved by everyone but is really cool for us to play and enjoy. I’m sure there will be people that will enjoy it and those are the kind of people we want to play for. We’re not trying to convert everyone. I would think it would be to just keep on writing and exploring stuff and making it kind of challenging without becoming too self-indulgent. I don’t want it to be inaccessible but I do want it to be a little bit interesting.

DYD: Any upcoming gigs apart from this one?
Nic: Well tomorrow in Irene Market! After this we’re pretty quiet for a while, I have to make it my mission to get more gigs.

DYD: Are you Joburg or Pretoria based?
Nic: Pretoria.

DYD: Out of all the gigs you’ve played which one is your favourite?
Nic: I absolutely loved playing on the Main Street in Pennsylvania. We did a States tour last year and that was awesome. It was pissing with rain but there was a bunch of college kids that just were just loving it. They stood there in the pouring rain and just jived. And we did play one song for 10 minutes, they didn’t mind.
Hugo: What did we play?
Nic: The Lion Sleeps Tonight. We incorporated that a lot.
Hugo: It was hectic! We had to play a 2 and a half hour set.
Nic: We only had 9 songs.

DYD: How did that work, with just 9 songs?
Nic: It’s actually quite cool because people were always moving by because it was the main street. So it was very rare that someone would stick around for the full two and a half set. We played on a stage next to Nick Jonas.

DYD: I don’t know if that’s cool or not.
Nic: He has an amazing band!

DYD: But he’s talented right?
Nic: Yeah, he’s talented? I don’t know about that. Don’t quote me on that.

DYD: So what do you do when you’re not playing music?
Nic: I play guitar, all day.

DYD: Hobbies? 
Nic: Golf

DYD: You’re one of those!
Nic: Nah, we talk about playing golf.
Hugo: We drink.

DYD: If you guys could give Float Parade a Zef name what would it be? 
Hugo: Won’t be able to say that.
Nic: It will definitely have an f and a p in it. Use your imagination.

For more information about Float Parade, click here.

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