We had a chance to get to know Gateway Drugs, with Ash taking charge of the interview. They are an awesome Cape Town 80s synth pop duo and we’re big fans. You can catch them at !Arcade Empire on the 20th of March, details at the end.

Photo courtesy of the Gateway Drugs Facebook page

DYD: I’m intrigued and you know our love for names, where did the name, Gateway Drugs, come from?
Gateway Drugs: Our name came from a conversation Dave was having with Eve Rakow from The Frown. We can’t remember who was actually responsible for thinking it would be a good name. We like how it sounds.

DYD: What made you decide to create a side-project away from Beach Party? And how do you manage having two musical lives?
Gateway Drugs: We just wanted to do something completely different musically. We’d been really getting into the whole 80s nostalgia thing as well as a bunch of african synth pop from back in the day and wanted to make something that could incorporate that. We manage it quite well, we like to work all the time.

DYD: Describe your sound?
Gateway Drugs: Ha. Um. Well we usually say have a listen for yourself but… Slow ’80s synth-pop nostalgia?

Photo by Ri Bot
Photo courtesy of the Gateway Drugs Facebook page

DYD: What do you do in your spare time, besides being awesome?
Gateway Drugs: Mostly catch up on sleep.

DYD: Why do you think that Gateway Drugs became so popular, so quickly? Are you filling a music industry gap that South Africa has?
Gateway Drugs: Haha, we’re popular? I don’t think we are filling a gap, there are quite a few people from SA that are doing what we are, just as well if not better. I think there was a lot of luck involved if we are.

DYD: Will Gateway Drugs be playing at major South African music festivals this year so that happy fans like us can lose our minds?
Gateway Drugs: I certainly hope so! I know we will be playing Grietfest 2013 at the end of August and we’re working on the others. Just keep letting them know you that you want to see us. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for updates. Just make sure you “like” the right Gateway Drugs (We’re the one that isn’t from Los Angeles, they’re pretty good though).

DYD: South Africa is the best country in the world (Ash’s opinion) and I’m exceptionally proud of our music industry. Who would you say are your favourite South African musicians and DJs?
Gateway Drugs: We’re huge fans of John Wizards, Johnny Neon, The Magic Of Pegasus, Nicolaas Van Reenen and Knotts, Spoek, Vampire 9000, The Frown, Marcus Wormstorm, Sibot, P.H. Fat, Sedge Warbler, Dank, Narch… and so many more.

You can catch Gateway Drugs live at !Arcade Empire on the 20th of March with Beach Party, Sassquatch, Half ‘n Half and many more. Click here for details.

If you want more Gateway Drugs information:
– Like the Gateway Drugs Facebook page
– Check out the Beach Party Soundcloud page

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