We got to speak to Glen Hartmann ahead of his Johannesburg tour. His first stop is at The Bioscope with Bye Beneco on the 21st of November. 

DYD: Humor us, let’s pretend that we live under a rock and haven’t heard of Glen Hartmann, could you introduce yourself in 3 sentences?
Glen Hartmann: 1. My name is Glen Hartmann and I’m a musician from Cape Town.
2. I sometimes play geeky instruments in my music, such as the flute.
3. I drink too much coffee and watch way too much series.

DYD: Take us to the beginning, what did you set out to achieve when you decided to be a musician?
Glen Hartmann: I set out to create music that is true to who I am, that is genuine and that inspires and encourages people. And from there, hopefully that music that I love would be something that I could share with everyone else. I also set out to mix sounds that were not traditionally paired together to create something hopefully different.

DYD: What has been the response to your, For the Hurricane Chaser EP? And how did such an interesting name come about?
Glen Hartmann: I have released the EP in Cape Town, Durban and Joburg and the response has been incredibly positive! I didn’t take enough CDs with me to Joburg last time so I’ll have to make up for that this time.

Noisetrade, an international indie music site, noticed the EP and featured it on their ‘new and notable’ section, which allowed for the album to be distributed quite successfully to America and Europe. The name of the EP came from this idea of considering who you look to when you are facing ‘storms’ in your life. It’s about the idea of having someone who will support you and chase after those difficult times and tackle them when you can’t. I think it is a theme that runs through the EP.

DYD: Are you at all surprised at the way you have been received by South African audiences?
Glen Hartmann: I have been really encouraged at the reception I have had at my gigs, just knowing that people are enjoying what they are hearing is very exciting for me! Joburg has been especially encouraging, I have definitely been overwhelmed with how people really support musicians that play there, it has been nice to feel a bit of that support as well!

DYD: Where do you get inspiration for your songs and how would you describe your sound?
Glen Hartmann: My sound mixes acoustic folk with synth sounds, and recently I have been mixing in classical instruments such as the flute into the music to add a different dynamic to the standard acoustic guitar vibe. Inspiration comes from various places, from people that I love to my experiences in life, and I love to explain those relationships and experiences using nature (like the sea… a lot of my stuff has something about the sea!).

DYD: If you could pick a local artist to collaborate with then who would you choose?
Glen Hartmann: It would be pretty cool to collaborate with ISO or Zebra & Giraffe, love their sounds, and it would be interesting to have a fusion between rock/electro sounds with folk/synth sorts of sounds.

DYD: Are you excited for your upcoming tour to Johannesburg? What can we expect leading up to your performances?
Glen Hartmann: Yes, I am super amped! I played in Joburg for the first time in July this year, and I instantly fell in love with the place, the people and how so many of them are amped on music. My heart starts pumping when I realize I get to share what I love with these people again! I won’t have much time leading up to the performances because I literally start playing the day I get up to Joburg. No time to acclimatize even, lots of hydration of the vocal chords! But I am in the process of preparing a new song to debut up there, something specially for the people of Joburg haha, expect me to work hard on that.

DYD: Without the fear of seeming bombastic or sounding overambitious, what would your ultimate success be? (Feel free to go crazy wild here please!)
Glen Hartmann: World tour. Doing shows on each continent. You know, standard stuff. But also, writing music that inspires people all over the world!

DYD: Are there any pre/post performance rituals that you engage in?
Glen Hartmann: I have a pre-match pee before I get on stage. Every time. Is that weird?

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