Yetu got to spend time getting to know Matthieu (Makkie) Auriacombe, the guy behind Hello Beautiful. They talked about his latest EP, ‘Supernova Love’, their mutual love of St. Lucia and his involvement in kidofdoom and Beach Party.

DYD: We love your name, Hello Beautiful. Why did you decide to call yourself that? 
Makkie (Hello Beautiful): Well I just thought of a bunch of names and ‘Hello Beautiful’ just stuck with me so I went with it.

DYD: You’ve been part of very successful bands, like kidofdoom and Beach Party. What made you decide to branch out and do this solo project?
Makkie (Hello Beautiful): I really love the bands I play in and the genres we play, but I have been wanting to do my own project for years now. I’ve been producing and recording music for about 6/7 years, but only to myself, never really thought of releasing any of it till about a year ago. I guess after the first release there is no end to it, expect a lot of new releases in the new future.

DYD: On that note, what’s different about performing by yourself and also have you used any skills from playing in those bands?
Makkie (Hello Beautiful): I’ve only played a few DJ sets where I play all my own music. I really want to a have band back me on this project, my good friend/drummer for Beach Party, Xander, has joined me on making Hello Beautiful a band. Yes, I learn from everyone I’ve played with.

DYD: What has the response to your Supernova Love EP been like?
Makkie (Hello Beautiful): I guess it’s been pretty great, people seem to dig it, but I’m dying to release some new music.

DYD: Where do you see Hello Beautiful going in the next year? And what would your ultimate musical success be (go wild here)?
Makkie (Hello Beautiful): In the next year, I’ll have two sets to offer, my DJ set and the live show, the live show will have some tracks I won’t DJ, so you will have to come to both of them. I just want to be able to make music and play it live for the rest of my life.

DYD: What are you listening to at the moment?
Makkie (Hello Beautiful): There are to many bands to mention here, St. Lucia is probably the top of the list at the moment, and I know it’s yours too Yetu. I just recently discovered Stepdad, really like them too, it changes all the time, too many bands and they are all so fucking epic.

DYD: What would be your ideal setting for a concert and to drop a few drinks? 
Makkie (Hello Beautiful): I wouldn’t mind playing a show in the O2 Brixton arena in London. Reason being is because I watched one of my favorite bands there ‘Soulwax’ and I’ll never forget that moment when I was standing there thinking to myself, ‘This is just too fucking good’.

DYD: What would you be doing if you weren’t in the music industry at all? 
Makkie (Hello Beautiful): Fuck knows? Wouldn’t mind designing toys.

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