We had a really cool fan/contributor interview for Hypomaniacs. Riley and Anika worked together to grill Shaun from the electro punk duo, Hypomaniacs, before their Grietfest performance. Click here for more details on their next performance.

DYD: So how long have you guys been around and how did you two meet?
Shaun (Hypomaniacs): We have been around for about two years now as Hypomaniacs, and we met at a drum and bass party.

DYD: What inspired you to get into the electro punk niche? And how did you go about developing your unique sound?
Shaun (Hypomaniacs): Seeing Cyberpunkers fuck shit up in Pretoria was a huge turning point for us. It changed the way we felt about electro. We have always preferred the harder and heavier side to music and felt that was the direction we needed to go. As far as our ‘sound’ is concerned, it’s really Stacey’s vocal that gives us a unique edge. The aggressive style to our music is inspired mostly from other genres, bands etc.

DYD: Is there more to Hypomaniacs than electro punk? Are there any other genres that you’d like to experiment with?
Shaun (Hypomaniacs): We have both experimented with other genres before Hypomaniacs, from playing in metal bands, to producing drum and bass and everything in between. Maybe on a full length album we might mix it up a little, but right now it’s all electro punk.

DYD: Do you believe that the hard/trash electro community in South Africa is growing? What do you think of the community currently – would you prefer if it stays in the realms of being underground or would you prefer if it were to become more popular?
Shaun (Hypomaniacs): The electro community is growing/evolving in SA. If you look at events like Grietfest, the support is larger every year. As an artist you always want what you do to become more popular regardless of style or genre. Most underground music is ‘harder’ forms of music usually, so it will probably always be underground.

DYD: Anything new and interesting happening with Hypomaniacs in the near future?
Shaun (Hypomaniacs): Yes, we have really great news… Our label from Germany, Freakz Me Out, has booked us our first mini tour to Europe this October. We also have a new EP coming out soon.

DYD: What can we expect from you guys at your upcoming Grietfest 2013 performance?
Shaun (Hypomaniacs): Pure mayhem, a lot of sweat, spilled drinks, we don’t fuck around.

DYD: If you were going on a road trip, what would some of the music on the playlist be?
Shaun (Hypomaniacs): Cyberpunkers, Belzebass, You Killing Me, Megastrom, Drivepilot, Skunk Anansie, Bloody Beetroots, Rage against the machine, Muse… and for the lighter side of things maybe a little Justice, Boys Noize and Cradle of Filth. The list could really go on forever…

DYD: Do you have any weird rituals that you do before you go on stage? If so what?
Shaun (Hypomaniacs): No weird rituals here, just a few shots of Stroh before the show.

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