Jacques spent some time getting to know the indie-acoustic act, I am November. They talked about influences and name origins. I am November is made up of Henry Routh as the primary member on vocals and acoustic guitar, Phlippie Bosman on bass and Diffie Bosman on electric guitar and ukulele.

DYD: I am November. How did the name come about?
I am November: In 2011 I went through a bit of a heart break which happened in November. Initially the name was November Ends but as time went by I changed it.

DYD: What does your music sound like?
I am November: I listen to a lot of Bon Iver or should I say Justin Vernon, but you know what they say, a good composer doesn’t imitate, he steals. So yes, I stole a lot of ideas, but in the end as you’ve heard it sounds like I am November.

DYD: Your influences are super folky: Bon Iver, Angus & Julia Stone. Why did you choose folk and not rock & roll?
I am November: Because I’ve tried a lot of different genres but in the end this is the only genre where I can express myself and how I really feel.

DYD: Who would you like to share a stage with, locally and internationally?
I am November: I’m not super picky but if I could share a stage with anyone it would be: Matthew Mole, Hey, River!, The Lumineers, Bon Iver, and a lot more.

DYD: We’re going to do a pick one series. The woods or the sea?
I am November: The woods

DYD: Acoustic or electric guitar?
I am November: Acoustic

DYD: Whiskey or wine?
I am November: Both

DYD: Johannesburg or Cape Town?
I am November: Johannesburg

DYD: Stadium gigs or intimate bar shows?
I am November: Intimate bar shows

DYD: Bon Iver or Flume?
I am November: Both

DYD: Do you have songs out? Where can we find them?
I am November: At this moment I only have one song out called Low Tide on Youtube and some of my old songs on Soundcloud. You can check out my page on Facebook page on I am November and then my next single which is Thinking Too Loud will be released in January.

If you want more I am November information:
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