DYD got to interview Julian Redpath ahead of his Park Acoustics performance, click here for more details.

DYD: Humor us, let’s pretend we live under a rock and haven’t heard of Julian Redpath, could you introduce yourself in 3 sentences?Julian Redpath: You wouldn’t have to have been under a rock. I’m pretty unknown I suppose. I’ve been trying to play more this year though.

DYD: Take us to the beginning, what did you set out to achieve when you decided to be a musician?
Julian Redpath:
There were certain songs that, somehow it just wasn’t good enough to just listen to them, I wanted to play them, to be the person who sang those words and played those notes and then through that process my own stuff started to take shape … or something.

DYD: Are you at all surprised at the way you have been received by the South African audiences?
Julian Redpath:
I’m always pleasantly surprised when people like what I do regardless of where they are from and there is nothing funnier and more surprising then a good heckle…

DYD: Mail & Guardian described your sound as ‘…filed under “intimate acoustic”….’ Could you maybe share some unique insight or provide Drop Your Drink any details on how your sound came about?
Julian Redpath:
I just wanted to be able to play acoustic guitar in a finger picking style, that’s always what I liked to hear so that’s what I worked towards playing but I like lots of different sounds so I try more and more to bring those sounds into what I’m doing. I love words the most that’s what I am really interested in so I try and sing words that are meaningful to me and hope they mean something to other people. I would rather not be filed under anything, hopefully I can change their minds one day.

DYD: If you could pick a local artist to collaborate with then who would you choose?
Julian Redpath:
Guy Buttery, Prism Tats, Chris Letcher, Claire Vandeleur and Nicholas Nesbitt.

DYD: Do you have a favourite performance? Where was it and why is that performance so special to you?
Julian Redpath:
I played this show at the Ithuba arts gallery and it felt great. I like playing with visuals a lot. These visuals I made with an artist by the name of Robyn Nesbitt and she is a unique genius. Here:  https://vimeo.com/65568566.

DYD: What would your ultimate musical success be?
Julian Redpath:
I was with Guy Buttery and Nibs van der Spuy in Grahamstown for one of their shows. It was all running super late and they had to do a really rushed sound check and they were asking me what it sounded like in the front of house vibe and I was saying this and that and giving my 2 cents and it just hit me kind of strangely that these two monsters were listening to what I was saying … That’s about as good as it gets and I guess for anyone to say they like what I’m doing to say anything nice about it, that is true musical success to me. I did a little tour of Cape Town and Joburg at the beginning of the year with Prism Tats and that was dream come true, to play shows with him.

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