We got to spend some time interviewing Kevin from Mix n Blend after the release of their latest EP, ‘Mother City’. ‘Mother City’ was produced with SFR, with vocals from the Ruffest, Chronic Clan and Bonj, and is a free download, click here to get it.  

Photo by Stewart Innes

DYD: You have been busy with your upcoming EP, Mother City, for a while now. What can we expect from your EP? 
Kevin (Mix n Blend): Well for this EP, we teamed up with SFR and tried to make an EP that combines Electro and UK funky sounds with the local Kwaito and Ragga flavours. So expect a dance floor focused EP with elements of Electro, Dubstep, UK Funky and Kwaito.

DYD: What inspired the name Mix n Blend and how did the full band get together? Was it the universe, chance or mutual interest? 
Kevin (Mix n Blend): Well Mix n Blend started out as a radio show on UCT radio, there were 3 of us at the time and we all played a bunch of different styles. So the name came about because of that fact. So when we started playing out in clubs, we kept the name and the concept of mashing up different genres. When we eventually started making our own music and decided to do the first album, we pulled in a lot of musicians to do live stuff over the electronic beats. From that we thought, why not get them to do this live with us on stage, and thus the Mix n Blend band was born.

DYD: You guys have toured Europe, are the European and South African scenes really different? And on that note, how was the reception from the European crowds? 
Kevin (Mix n Blend): Well the international crowds seem to be a lot more open to a more world music sound, rather than being fully dance floor orientated. Which means that often, they can be more open to hearing different sounds which is nice for artist if they want to try something different. But the South African scene is great in other ways because of the fact that we have so many different cultures and it’s the blending of these that make for a very unique and special scene here.

DYD: How did you decide to split your performances in two versions, band and DJ?
Kevin (Mix n Blend): Well we started out as a DJ act, and only later on did the band come to fruition. The band is more of our focus right now, but we still love DJing and often a gig is not suitable for a band setup, so we then bring the DJ act. Hopefully, in the future, we will hone our setup of the band in such a way that we will be able to perform on more DJ oriented stage setups.

DYD: Do you have any pre-performance rituals? And what is the best part about performing live?
Kevin (Mix n Blend): Hmmm, not really. We normally have a beer or 2 to calm the nerves and then a short discussion five minutes before going on stage about what our first track is going to be. Performing in front of a crowd is always a rush, and there are few better feelings than that of a crowd giving you good energy and loving what you are doing. A personal favourite, is that moment when a song drops and you hear and feel the energy lift in the crowd.

DYD: What are your favorite records of 2013 so far? 
Kevin (Mix n Blend): Wow, there are a lot. Locally we have really liked:
– P.H. Fat – Happiness Machines
– The Brother Moves On – ETA
– Phaze – Awakening EP
– Sibot – Tronarist

DYD: If you guys could collaborate with anyone, who would it be? We obviously know that SFR was with you guys for Mother City, but in future who would you pick? 
Kevin (Mix n Blend): Also, there are a lot. We are currently working on stuff with Sanni Fox and The Brother Moves On. We are also looking into doing another small EP with Mr Sakitumi. In terms of the wishlist, I personally would say Fat Freddies Drop, Prodigy, Chemical Brothers….ah the list goes on…but dreams are for free I suppose.

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