We got to speak to Mr Mon about his transition from Deep House to Drum & Bass and how he’s seen the music industry evolve over the years. He has some sound advice for upcoming producers and DJs. You can catch his next performance at Grietfest, click here for more details.

DYD: Names are one of our big fascinations. How did your name, Mr Mon, come about?
Mr Mon: Well…my mom has always called me either Mon or Monie so some friends just started calling me Mr Mon. Yeah, I know…lame story to open this interview with…But it is my story.

DYD: You have a path steeped in Deep House. When did you transition to Drum & Bass and how do you compare the two genres of music?
Mr Mon: I’d like to believe that I have a broad appreciation for music and Drum & Bass has always been up there for me, but it was about a year ago or so that I started playing Drum & Bass at clubs and stuff.

DYD: You’ve been in the industry for a very long time. How has South Africa’s electronic music scene changed over the years? Do you like the face of the industry now?
Mr Mon: The EDM scene has really has grown but on a production level, not on a DJ level. There are so many really good producers out there right now and if this keeps up there will be some really solid tracks coming out of South Africa.

DYD: If you weren’t in the music industry, what would you be doing?
Mr Mon: Stripping… I’d definitely be stripping.

DYD: Following the previous question, when did you realise that you were going to get deep into the music industry? Was there a song that inspired you or have you known all your life that you were going to be based in the music industry?
Mr Mon: No…there wasn’t just one song that pushed me in this direction. As corny as it might sound, I just love music and everything about it. How it can conjure up memories lost and bring either a tear or a smile to one’s face… That is magical.

DYD: Do you have any advice for upcoming DJs and producers?
Mr Mon: Do it for the love and everything else will follow.

DYD: We’ve seen that you’ve worked with a number of local and international acts. Who has been your favourite to work with and who would you like to work with in future?
Mr Mon: There are so many. Like the entire Science Frikshun crew, the dudes at Pressure and Inishi8. And I’d love to play at Rocking the Daisies.

DYD: What do you have planned for your Grietfest performance? Is there anything special that you would like to hint to?
Mr Mon: Ohhhh…I will be playing a Dub/Dubstep set this time around…but kinda G’d out…none of that stuff that sounds like transformers fucking. You know… that dope shit.

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