Yetu got to spend some time getting to know Mudblud, one of Untamed Youth’s Cape Town resident DJs, and you need to check out the minimix that he did for us. He’ll be in Johannesburg on Saturday, the 6th of April, for Untamed Youth Johannesburg.
Photo by Vagabond Youth Club

DYD: Does your name, Mudblud, have any reference to being a Mudblood? I’d like to believe that my Hogwarts admission letter got lost in the mail.
Mudblud: Spot on! I’m not too fond of DJs with very serious names so I wanted a name that was light hearted. The Harry Potter reference seemed perfect. I initially had it as ‘Mudblood’ but James Boonzaier of Jakkals suggested removing the vowels. I didn’t follow his advice but the thought inspired spelling ‘Mudblud’ the way I do now.

DYD: How did you get into music and DJing? Is this something that you’ve always wanted to do?
I hate to admit it but I was an exceptionally late bloomer when it came to music. My relatively recent appreciation came from discovering ‘the scene’ and through it, ‘indie dance’ and it’s related genres. I used to frequent most of the early Cape Town electro parties: This Is That Electro Shit (T.I.T.E.S), Arcade, and early Discotheque (which used to be more light hearted) before discovering Untamed Youth. I was starting to pick out which DJs I liked and starting to follow some music blogs but Untamed Youth was where it all clicked and where I found my musical niche. Two or three years of being an Untamed Youth regular followed before the thought of DJing first occurred to me. I started DJing because I wanted to be a bigger part of the party of which I was already quite invested in.

Photo by Vagabond Youth Club
DYD: A little bird told me that you’re also an engineer. How do you manage your two lives in terms of how different they are and how much time each of them take?
Mudblud: I think one has always been in focus while the other would starve in the background. For six months last year I did my thesis and didn’t really put in effort into DJing. While currently I am meant to be doing engineering vacation work, which I’ve put off while I promote and act as resident at the Cape Town Untamed Youth parties. I think a balance can be found but I haven’t got there yet. So to answer your question, I don’t manage, however I’m still young and will get there eventually!

DYD: How would you describe your collective sound?
Mudblud: I attempt to play fun sets, very feel good stuff. If I had to classify I’d say I play Nu-Disco and Indie Dance.
Photo by Max G Oosthuizen Photography
DYD: How did you get involved with Untamed Youth in Cape Town?
Mudblud: As I said before, I’ve been connected to Untamed Youth for quite some time but only as an attendee. This changed last year when I offered to be involved with the Zombie Nation show where I helped with flyer distribution and other random admin. Then when I first started DJing last year, promoter and resident, Tommy Gun, asked me, a bit bizarrely, to manage the party for a while and slowly over time my bit part role has grown. My only goal when I started DJing was to become a regular at Untamed Youth and now I’m acting as the interim resident. It’s a bit surreal.
Mudblud prepared our April Drop Your Drink Minimix and we’ve been loving it. Check it out below and we’ll see him on Saturday for Untamed Youth Jozi, click here for more details.
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