We got to spend some time getting to know Naas Veld. Naas first started out as the lead guitarist of eF–eL. He decided to pursue his solo career after the group split earlier this year. His music is a combination of folk, rock, pop and jazz. You can catch him at the next Park Acoustics and Oppikoppi. For more details on Park Acoustics, click here.

DYD: We know eF-eL, but we don’t really know Naas Veld, could you introduce yourself in a few sentences?
Naas Veld: I am an honest Singer/Songwriter from Pretoria, who loves to share my lyrics and grooves with the people of our country as well as anybody interested in this style of music.

DYD: How would you describe your music? We’ve heard it cited as a combination of different genres.
Naas Veld: Mainly Singer/Songwriter with influences of folk, rock, jazz and even a bit of pop. There are no preliminary thoughts in the writing process. I try to give each song what it asks for.

DYD: What made you decide to go on a solo career after eF-eL split up?
Naas Veld: Music is my passion and I’ve been a songwriter for the last eight years, I only added the singer part after eF-eL split up.

DYD: Is being on stage as a solo artist terribly different from being on stage with a band?
Naas Veld: Most definitely. With a band there are more characters to share the energy with the crowd, while being solo on stage all the focus is on you and the pressure increases while the room for error decreases.

DYD: We’ve noted that you will be playing at Oppikoppi as well. Do you have anything special planned for your performance there?
Naas Veld: It will be my first Oppikoppi as Naas Veld and I’m really looking forward to it. I will also be accompanied by my Trio band and Mr Jaco Mans guitarist for Tidal Waves will also be joining us on stage with the Telecaster B-bender. Really one to look forward to!

DYD: If you could pick a local artist to collaborate with then who would you choose?
Naas Veld: Definitely Johnny Clegg.

DYD: How are you going about creating your first album and can you give us a few hints about what it’s like?
Naas Veld: On the first album you’ll hear my heart and soul of the experiences I’ve been through the last three years. I just let it out the way it wants to come out. I write the lyrics and music the way I want to hear them, and if people relate with it I very grateful for that, if not that’s also fine. Everyone drinks their coffee the way they like it.

DYD: Are there any pre/post performance rituals that you engage in?
Naas Veld: No not really, just warming up pre-performance to make sure the feel is right.

DYD: What would your ultimate music related success be? (Feel free to go crazy wild here please!)
Naas Veld: I would love to be able to perform and be distributed in a few international countries on a regular basis. I enjoy performing live much more than creating radio hits in a studio.

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