We got to talk to Red Huxley about their trip to the USA to record their debut album, ‘Nothing More’, with Dave Catching, the guitarist of Eagles of Death Metal. They have really been on an adventure and this saw them raising $24 000 on Kickstarter to make this entire trip happen. Catch them at their album launch at The Assembly tonight. 

Photo by Kim Hinrichs

DYD: We have a thing for names. How did Red Huxley come about?
Red Huxley: It actually came from our mate of ours who was trying to name the band. He wrote down a collection of cool words on a page and shuffled them around to see what he could come up with. He got ‘Huxley’ from Aldous Huxley and thought that ‘Red’ suited it really well. And hey, Red Huxley was born.

DYD: Tell us about your first experience as a formed band. What made you consider throwing yourselves into music? On that note, if you weren’t in the music industry then where would you guys be?
Red Huxley: We were only together for a couple months when the Loeries Battle of the Bands came round and we thought, ‘Hey, why not enter.’ We played the only three songs we had at the time and managed to win the event. Afterwards we thought we may be onto something here and have been trucking ever since. It’s just so exciting to think of a future as a touring band, travelling, playing and writing music!

Dylan is a qualified engineer, Murray a qualified marine biologist and Matthew is an art director. Once the band started taking off, Dylan and Murray realised it was a lot more exciting than their regular day jobs and took the plunge to do this full time and take the band to the next level. So that gives you an idea of what we would do if we weren’t in the music business.

DYD: How did you guys feel meeting Dave Catching and organising your surreal trip to record your debut album? Has it been a crazy experience?
Red Huxley: Dave is one of the coolest humans we have ever met! It was like hanging out with an old friend. He is such a great guy and so welcoming that he made us feel at home in his place. As soon as we stepped onto his property, it was like knowing the dude for years. We learnt a hell of a lot from him in terms of recording and how best to capture our sound on record, and also general stuff. He’s such a legend. The experience was totally mind blowing. It was so great just to be able to meet one of heroes, let alone be able to actually record with him.

Photo by Kim Hinrichs

DYD: What can we expect from your upcoming album, Nothing More?
Red Huxley: A bit of our old stuff, a bit of new and is something we can confidently say we are proud of. It’s been 3 years in the making since we started and lots of things have changed and shaped us. So it’s a good sum up of our total growth as a band. It captures the last three years on record.

DYD: What would your ultimate musical success be? Feel free to go absolutely crazy here.
Red Huxley: The ultimate would be to be able to play the music that we love for the rest of our lives. To see how Dave lives out in the desert, surrounded by music and his mates, doing the stuff he loves, was really inspirational for us. Touring the world and possibly playing with some the greats would be amazing. Imagine opening for the Foo Fighters or Queens of the Stone Age!

DYD: What do guys you do in your spare time, besides being awesome?
Red Huxley: Spare time is spent doing band stuff, whether it’s writing music or band business, being in a band is a full time job! Although we do like to party probably a bit more than we should, but hey that’s cool! Brewing home made beer and downhill long boarding is also on the activity list.

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