Jacques caught up with the fellas from Shout Hey!, while they were cruising through the Garden Route on their EP launch tour. We’re splitting the interview into two parts, this is Part 2. Click here to check out Part 1.

DYD: We at DYD know a lot about weird dance moves. Tell us about your antics on stage.
Tim (Shout Hey!): Matt’s abnormally flexible.
Matt (Shout Hey!): I do the splits sometime.
Matt (Shout Hey!): I need to stretch my pelvis, guys…
Brogan (Shout Hey!): We’re the type of people that if you had to go to an EDM club with us, you’d be extremely embarrassed to be associated with us. That might give a little insight to what our dance moves on stage are.

DYD: If you guys could keep it to a top three, who are your top favourite local acts?
Tim (Shout Hey!): Danielle (Big Daddy Dolphin) Hitchcock from Beach Party, Al Bairre and Bye Beneco.
Matt (Shout Hey!): Beach Party, Al Bairre and Wrestlerish.
Brogan (Shout Hey!): Al Bairre, Wrestlerish and Shortstraw.

DYD: What else is in the pipeline for Shout Hey! In 2014?
Brogan (Shout Hey!): Savil Row, which is a tattoo parlour in Joburg has endorsed us. It’s just one guy, his name is John Scully. He did our EPK cover, and helped us with…
Tim (Shout Hey!): Basically with Brogan’s body, I mean look at it.
Brogan (Shout Hey!): That’s our only endorsement so far. We’re looking for a clothing endorsement.
Tim (Shout Hey!): We should have the physical EPs next week. We were supposed to have them for the Cape Town shows but something went wrong with the production and design…
Matt (Shout Hey!): At least our stuff is on iTunes.
Tim (Shout Hey!): We’ll focus on the EP for the next few months. We’re gonna do merch for touring pretty soon as well, like shirts and hats. We have this whole year planned out for when we’re gonna release stuff, when we’re gonna record together… We are looking at sometime the end of the year, recording our debut album. More shows, a few tours (not nationwide tour), definitely festivals.
Brogan (Shout Hey!): We’d love to play Splashy Fen, Oppikoppi, Sowing the Seeds, Rocking the Daisies…
Tim (Shout Hey!): I’d love to play Rocking the Daisies! But yeah, more shows, more tours and more videos. We’re not looking at slowing down anytime soon.

DYD: We always do little quick fire questions with DYD. Are you guys ready? Burgers or salads?
Brogan (Shout Hey!): Burgers.
Matt (Shout Hey!): Salads.
Tim (Shout Hey!): Can I have salad on my burger? Otherwise, burgers.

DYD: Cape Town or Joburg?
Brogan (Shout Hey!): Cape Town.
Matt (Shout Hey!): Cape Town.
Tim (Shout Hey!): Cape Town.

DYD: Quiet night in, or debaucherous night out?
Brogan (Shout Hey!): Quiet night in for me.
Matt (Shout Hey!): Quiet night in for me.
Tim (Shout Hey!): Depends who it involves, but quiet night in for me.

DYD: Summer or winter?
Brogan (Shout Hey!): Summer.
Matt (Shout Hey!): Winter.
Tim (Shout Hey!): Winter.

DYD: Festivals or club shows?
Brogan (Shout Hey!): Festivals.
Matt (Shout Hey!): Festivals.
Tim (Shout Hey!): Festivals.

DYD: Two Door Cinema Club or The Kooks?
Brogan (Shout Hey!): The Kooks.
Matt (Shout Hey!): Two Door Cinema Club.
Tim (Shout Hey!): The Kooks.

DYD: Tequila or Jagermeister?
Brogan (Shout Hey!): Jagermeister!
Matt (Shout Hey!): Jagermeister!
Tim (Shout Hey!): Tequila guys, come on!

DYD: Europe or America?
Brogan (Shout Hey!): Europe.
Matt (Shout Hey!): Europe.
Tim (Shout Hey!): Yeah, I think Europe as well.

DYD: Girlfriends or instruments?
Brogan (Shout Hey!): Instruments.
Matt (Shout Hey!): Girlfriends!
Tim (Shout Hey!): What if we had like a combination of both? Like one in the other?

DYD: FOALS or Biffy Clyro?
Brogan, Matt, Tim (Shout Hey!): YOOOOAAAHHHH!!!
Brogan (Shout Hey!): Foals.
Matt (Shout Hey!): Foals.
Tim (Shout Hey!): Foals.

DYD: Skrillex or Aviici?
Brogan (Shout Hey!): Skrillex.
Matt (Shout Hey!): Skrillex.
Tim (Shout Hey!): Skrillex, for me.

DYD: Any last words?
Tim (Shout Hey!): Danielle (from Beach Party), go to the info page of our band, my number is there. Please gimme a call, I’m lonely on Saturdays.
Brogan (Shout Hey!): I’m gonna quote, Walk the Moon’s Anna Sun: ‘We’ve got no money, but we’ve got heart.’
Tim (Shout Hey!): We REALLY have no money!

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