Kyle spent time getting to know TheGeorge. They spoke about where they’re going ahead of their Park Acoustics performance. Get to know the Pretoria-based band. 

DYD: Tell us about the band, its formation and the path up until now.
TheGeorge: Well, it all started when PJ, Niel and I (Zandi) went to the Idols Season 8 auditions in 2012 just to see what it had in store for us. While we waited in line for about eight hours, we made some music to pass the time. While we did so, we made a bet that if we did not made it through to the next rounds of Idols, we would start a band, just for the fun of it! Unfortunately, well no.. fortunately none of us got our golden ticket that day. But that didn’t get us down, not making it at Idols opened our eyes to something much bigger and TheGeorge was born. At first we did not take the band very seriously until we released our first single, Sometimes. The reaction to the song was amazing and from there we just keep on doing what we love and focused on sharing our passion with the people around us.

DYD: Tell us about the members of the group, what their roles are and what they bring to the group.
TheGeorge: Usually, PJ writes the main ideas of the songs. He fixates on lyrics, so the music that accompanies the words is quite rough. He also sings vocals alongside Zandi and plays rhythm guitar. Then Niel, our lead guitarist, comes in with fresh ideas for melodies and structure, amazing guitar solos and also plays the bass drum. Zandi, our female vocalist and tambourine player, usually has the job of working out and balancing the harmonies for the songs and how we can use our vocal abilities to the best possible manner. Duard, our bassist, usually listens to ideas for new songs and immediately forms an accompanying bass line. He also plays the harmonica that features on our live shows to get the party started.

DYD: You are performing at the next Park Acoustics, what can fans expect from your performance?
TheGeorge: Our performance this Sunday is going to be insane! With a few twists, extra energy and even added instruments, we promise to bring a huge party.

DYD: I’m sure that you will gain many new fans after Park Acoustics, as I assume many are not familiar with the band. How would you describe the music you make to those that aren’t familiar?
TheGeorge: TheGeorge has definitely grown and developed over the past few months and so it is not easy to describe our exact sound, but our music has an easy-to-listen-to sound, bringing chilled yet fun and energetic vibes. Most certainly something to listen to!

DYD: You are all young and extremely talented – how did you all become so proficient at creating such well-developed music as well as forming such adept skill with your instruments at such a young age?
TheGeorge: With regards to ‘proficiency’ the music we make is effortless. We just play together and things happen. Skills, on the other hand, we still have much to acquire! But to be fair, practicing your heart out everyday, and every second starts helping the situation.

DYD: I love the dual female/male vocals; it’s a unique element that separates your band out of the general music scene – it adds such nostalgic wonder and warmth to your music. What was the initial motivation to use this element? How did you manage to find vocalists that can work off each other so well?
TheGeorge: The initial motivation, I would say was none in particular. I played music, Zandi is blessed with some decent singing chops. I had to keep up, so I started practising till my voice gave in. Niel on the other hand, is an almighty fluke. Being so lucky to find a mate that plays guitar, percussion, and being able to sing with such a unique tone is just ridiculous. We work well together because we all come from completely different backgrounds with regard to vocal techniques and influences. I think the way we hear a riff or progression individually, is always different. With that being said, we seem to find a golden line every time that just, well… jells.

DYD: What is the future for the band in 2014?
TheGeorge: It’s sad to say, but TheGeorge was slowly coming to an end when most of us left school last year to go our separate ways. Then we suddenly got a whole bunch of gigs that brought us together again, because we were a bit out of shape. Then we just realised how much we love playing together and that we can’t stop now. So TheGeorge are super amped for Park Acoustics on Sunday and for every other possible gig that people might through our way.

DYD: Lastly is there anything you want to say to those reading this article?
TheGeorge: Everyone reading this article should come to at least one of our gigs so we can show you how to enjoy yourselves properly! Your support would be appreciated. Join our Facebook page to see when and where we will be playing through the year. Thank you to everyone who supported us in any way up until now #fanlove.

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