We got to spend some time getting to know Tyre Fire ahead of their Park Acoustics performance. For more details, click here. Here is what they had to say. 

DYD: Tell us a bit about yourselves. Where do you guys come from, who’s in the band and how did you meet?
Tyre Fire: All of us grew up in Pretoria and know each other from school and varsity and from living under the same roof throughout the past decade. We were already jamming and writing some material when we were approached two and a half years ago to perform at an art exhibition hosted by Borderline Arts & Entertainment. Jumping at the opportunity we tidied up our songs, wrote a boat load of new material and jumped into the fire! Since then we have been constantly adding new material to our songs in a progressive metamorphosis to improve and stimulate ourselves as well as our music and vision for the band. The band consists of four individuals, six instruments and two realities. We are Jean-Louis Brummer – drummer and information technologist, Christo Semmelink – basest and systems engineer, Albert Smuts – guitarist, vocalist and architect and Ronald Davey – vocalist, cellist, trumpeter and architect.

DYD: Can you describe your sound to us?
Tyre Fire: Our music incorporates many aspects from a wide range of genres. It’s difficult to pin down a description without name dropping a few artists that have inspired us and we don’t want to do that – we want you to describe us and decide for yourself! Music is subjective folks.

DYD: What are you setting out to do with your music? Are you aiming to just have a good time or thinking in the long term about the legacy you will leave?
Tyre Fire: Our dream is that dream that every dreamer dreams of – to be rock god legends throughout the eons of time and space itself! We strive to challenge ourselves both technically and musically in order to capture our terribly over active imaginations into lyrics and melodies. By doing so we hope to keep fuelling the fires that burn within us (obviously without any cheese involved) and to inspire others to keep searching for fresh perspectives on composing and song writing where mundane repetition seems to have grasped its hold on our social context. We hope that our music will be one of the greatest achievements in our lives.

DYD: What can we expect from your Park Acoustics set?
Tyre Fire: We like to melt face with the scorching power of music! So expect lots of face-melting ear-popping earth-stomping energy-pumping licks and tunes. Oh yeah!

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