Work Drugs is a Philadelphia based smooth-fi duo made up of Thomas Crystal and Benjamin Louisiana. They make music ‘specifically for dancing, boating, yachting, sexting, and living’. We consider them a band to watch because they have become insanely popular in a short time, as in going from 1000 Facebook fans in June 2011 to 40 000 fans in November 2012. Yetu took charge of the interview and got to learn about Work Drugs from Tom’s perspective. You also get to listen to Yetu’s favourite Work Drugs song, it’s called, Pluto, and it’s cosmic disco genius, find it below.

DYD: Where do you get inspiration for your songs and how would you describe your sound?
Tom: Currently, most of the inspiration for our songs comes from our many years in sailing school down in the Florida Keys. Growing up on yacht rock favorites by King Harvest, Michael McDonald, Fleetwood Mac and others really pushed us towards the smooth and hypnotic sound of those artists. Obviously 30 years later some of the more contemporary influences start to creep in as well. At the end of the day we tend to focus on music we like to write and play live.

DYD: How did your careers as musicians come about?
Tom: I don’t think it was a conscious effort to try to learn how to play instruments. There were always old water logged acoustic guitars lying around the docks to toy with. It was only after many years of playing without instruction that we learned that we could actually write a song. From there, Work Drugs really started to set sail.

DYD: After minor cyber stalking, I came across some advice on your Facebook. Care to elaborate why it’s not a good idea to “sext and drive”?
Tom: You always have to keep your eyes on the road. Never know what rogue waves will come creeping up on you.

DYD: Have you had many opportunities to tour outside of the US? Would you be interested in coming to South Africa? I promise that it’s safe. There’s only been one tiger that has roamed our streets and it escaped from the zoo.
Tom: Unfortunately we have not had the opportunity to our outside the US (with exception of one show in Vancouver, Canada), but we would really love to. I hear South Africa is beautiful. Great beaches and great white sharks right?

DYD: Do you guys have a favourite performance? Where was it and why is it a favourite?
Tom: I think one of our favorite performances was in the dark and sweaty Lundt Basement at Haverford College. I could barely see my guitar in front of me, but the kids were so into the show it didn’t matter. We love playing college shows. So much raw and drug-fueled energy.

DYD: I’ve noticed that you favourite, retweet and reply to a lot of tweets on Twitter and I thought surely happy fans are bound to come after you. Have you had a crazy fan experience yet? Also, how do you find the time to go through all the tweets to make a fan’s day?
Tom: Fortunately we have not had a crazy fan experience, other than a few trying to find us on Facebook. It’s all good though. We never stop working, that’s the difference between us and other bands we know.

DYD: You seem to have a lot of love for Summer Heart, and I’ve observed this in the sense that you’ve done a remix for him and he’s done a remix for you. How did you get to know him?
Tom: David from Summer Heart did a wonderful remix of our song “Rad Racer” that we absolutely fell in love with. A year later he did an even better cover of our track Third Wave. I am half Swedish, so maybe we are just long-lost cousins. His music is great and he is a hard worker. We have a lot of respect.

DYD: Who are some of your favourite international artists and acts? I’ve heard the more obscure they are the better but personally I’m having a thing for Spice Girls again. 
Tom: Currently Ben and I are very much into the new Jessie Ware album “Devotion.” In fact we just picked up tickets to her Philadelphia show. Probably my favorite album of 2012. You will be hearing more from her.

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