We caught up with Al Bairre ahead of the release of their mini LP, “Experience The Al Bairre Show With Al Bairre Experience”.

You’re one of the very few bands in South Africa that has managed to make a name for yourselves without an official release. Was this a strategized move on your part?

Nope. If we could have done this sooner we would have because it feels divine. We just needed to first write the songs, which was quite hard to find the time to do. I don’t know how other bands write so many songs. Then it took us ages to mix the thing because we are super duper fussy.

Tell us about your mini LP, “Experience The Al Bairre Show With Al Bairre Experience”. What was the development process and what are some of the influences that play into it?

The inspiration behind this mini LP was to basically take all our new songs we had written as well as some oldies and make them sound as nice as we could so that people could have a new Al Bairre CD to dance to in their bedrooms. As for the development. I guess it developed over a period of 3 years because we have some oldies on here too which we re-recorded because we wanted them to sound even more stunning. But the new tracks were all written over the period of a year and this whole bam shoot was recorded over about a week and a half in total.

Why did you decide to go for a LP format?

It’s not LP format yet. That’s busy being pressed as we speak. Very exciting. It’s called a mini LP because it’s too long to be an EP, but too short to be an LP. It’s all very complicated.

Did you always expect that you would be this popular across the country?


2015 has come to an end. What are your plans for next year?

Our goal this whole year has just been to release this mini LP. So now that that is done we wanna now try take it over the Atlantic to the land of the free and play some shows that side. We hear it’s quite nice.

What does ultimate Al Bairre success look like?

18 Lamborghinis and a Subaru station wagon.

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