We spent some time catching up with Al Bairre. The band has been all over the place this year and we focused on some of their highlights like performing at The Great Escape Music Festival in England and their work with PHFat on 5FM’s Xperia Mashlab.

You guys are great and one of our favourite South African bands. You’ve essentially covered all the major local music festivals with your incredible stage energy and now you’re going abroad to perform. We were following you online and noted that you performed at The Great Escape Music Festival in England. We want to know about your tour experience. And did you come across any noteworthy acts while you were there?

It was incredible. We have always wanted to play The Great Escape so when we got to actually do it we were over the moon. All the bands we wanted to watch were playing the same time that our shows were. So we missed them. But TOPS were bad-ass and one of our favs, so we were stoked about that. Their singer is a babe <3

You were working on the Xperia Mashlab with PHFat. It looked like you got up to all sorts of adventures in the process. Can you give us some details about that project? And what was the best part?

The mashlab was radical. I think we both thought it was gonna be easy-peezy. When we got into studio, it wasn’t, so the first week was spent getting up to a lot of procrastination activities. We went out for lunches and dinners and snacks and coffees and beach walks. But it came together in the end. Flippin stressful though haha.

Al Bairre - Photo Credit Caroline Mackintosh 40

We love watching you perform because of your epic dance skills and all round craziness. Is that something you aim for during performances or simply an extension of your personalities on stage?

Yeah we just dance everywhere. At practice, at home, in the car, in the shops. You know the movie Step Up: The Streets? That is every day for us.

You guys are blowing up locally and internationally. How on earth do you maintain cool heads and carry on working?

If we had big heads we would have no friends. And we love friends. Nobody likes people with big heads. Big heads are very 2010.

What plans do you have for the rest of the year?

We are releasing Experience The Al Bairre Show With Al Bairre Experience mini LP around October. So that’s gonna be exciting. We can’t wait for everyone to hear it. We have already released 2 singles off of it and everyone seems to not hate them. So that’s a positive.

Photos by Caroline Mackintosh

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