We talked to Bad Peter, a new band on the block, about their latest EP, “Let Go”.

Tell us more about your latest EP, “Let Go”. Which song stands out for you and why?

Well each song holds something special for us and stands out for a different reason. If we have to choose though we’ll go with Let Go itself, the title track. Recording Let Go, track number 5 on the EP was a very special experience. Watching Theo listen carefully to every part of the song, and then adding only what it asks of him. It’s was one of those moments when you realise that you won’t be able to listen to, write or perform music in the same way from this point forward. Truly life changing. Performing the song live takes us back to that day in Belville every time.

How did you achieve song and lyrical cohesion when you were creating “Let Go”?

Just quickly have to Google “Cohesion” so we can give you a good answer haha. We’re so new to song-writing and in a way we don’t know yet what we don’t know. I suppose one way we achieved it was to try and understand what we wanted to say with each song. When you’re honest and truly believe in what you want to say, you can never go wrong. We even wrote some of the same songs on the EP apart.

What was it like being signed to The David Gresham Record Company in 2014?

Unexpected! We were mentally preparing ourselves to still be playing for years before any label would be interested in us. We walked out of the building asking one another “Is this happening”? Are we about to be signed, how should we feel?” It was great to see and feel all this excitement around us. DGR is an independent label which also means we feel like we matter and can speak with anyone at any time when we’re unhappy or unsure about something. They’re truly passionate about developing artists and we couldn’t ask for anything more!

Bad Peter

What plans do you have for 2016?
Song-writing. We’re of opinion that the only way for a band to “move up” or become “bigger” is to release good, new songs. We’re fairly new to song-writing, so we’re pretty excited to see how our music will evolve.
We’re so stoked that our shows are starting to take us over the country, so we’re also really looking forward to touring in 2016 and to play every single festival and event we can get our hands on!

What is your ultimate music success?

To travel the world playing our music and to be able to do this for the rest of our lives. We want to make a lasting contribution to both local and international music.

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