We caught up with Black Cat Bones ahead of this month’s Park Acoustics. Get to know this incredible rock ‘n roll band!

We love your performances! You carry so much on stage energy. How do you prepare for your live shows?

Some drinks, some smokes, some prayers, and some jokes.

What does it mean to be a band based in Pretoria as opposed to being a band from Johannesburg or Cape Town?

We are in actually based half Pretoria/half Johannesburg (a.k.a. Gauteng then). It doesn’t really make a difference to us any more. Being on the road all the time, the country has literally become smaller, more accessible. So if you think about it, we are a South African based band.

What does ultimate Black Cat Bones success look like?
Longevity. Like The Stones.

On that note, what’s your favourite performance in 2015?

We can only truly answer that at the end of the year

We’re really, really, really excited to see your set at Park Acoustics. What can we expect from your show?

Lots of spit, sweat, drool, and oh yeah, some crazy jammin’!

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