We spoke to Blazin Gooch ahead of their Halloween 2015 performance.

How did the band start?

We are all just five best mates that like to jam together. In high school, Matt and Coen had a chilled acoustic band which rallied for quite some time before they realized how kak they were without a rhythm section. After a couple of late night Hatfield beers with Xan, we had hooked ourselves a drummer. He said I know this bassist (Tristan) who then said I know this guitarist (Andre) and so Blazin Gooch was formed.

We saw some of your Behind the Scenes documentary. What inspired you to make the film?

Coenrie is a film maker by trade and is extremely passionate about capturing moments on film. We just thought that it would be a cool idea and possibly a means for people to get to know us better. Pssh, who are we kidding! We just wanted to see everything we couldn’t remember afterwards. Haha!

You’re based in Pretoria. What do you think about Pretoria’s music scene?

Pretoria like any place has pros and cons! We love Pretoria for the simple fact that when you play for a crowd they are extremely energetic and kinda like that we don’t give a fuck ahhhh! However, one thing has become relatively clear…The public in Pretoria do not pay to go and check out new bands, they would much rather pay R80 and watch shows that they have seen before. #Theyhavegotitallwrong

How has this year been for you? We noted your incredible Oppikoppi 2015 performance. What other plans do you have for the year?

Honestly it has been an extremely tough year for the band. From Andre relocating to Bloem restricting the band in many ways, as well as ups and downs with managerial issues. The band has been gasping for fresh air the last couple of months and finally found a steady wind! We have big plans to take Blazin Gooch to the next level. We are currently busy with a new EP which is extremely promising and we are very excited to make it rain! As for the rest of the year finalizing dates for our end of year tour is still in process as we reconnect and make ready to take over 2016!

What can we expect from your Halloween 2015 performance?

If you have watched a Blazin Gooch show then you would know that the question much easier to answer would be, what not to expect? Blazin Gooch is all about the live show, now we get to wear costumes and be spooky……WOW! Good luck snatch city!

Will you give us any hints on what you’re dressing up as?

Unfortunately, that is a wait and see…

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