Tell us more about your new album, Fire. What inspired the album and which song stands out for you and why?

The album is mostly a collection of songs that I’ve written over this past year. Some songs are about love lost and found, others are observations on my life and others around me, and some are just me processing and dealing with stuff. The one song which is the the exception to all that is “Our Last Goodbye”. It’s a song that kinda wrote itself and it stands out for me.

When you listen to your previous work can you see your development as an artist and what does that mean to you?

I hope there has been some growth in my writing. I really enjoyed writing the songs for this album, and the whole process was rather freeing. I learnt a lot about myself through the writing process.

How did your six-month travelling experience affect your album and the music that you have been making?

A lot of my song ideas were actually conceived and written on planes. Travelling a lot just means you find times whenever you can to lay down your ideas. You also have a whole lot more to write about as well, cuz your days always look different, so that’s cool.

You’re now set up in Cape Town. Why did you decide to move there?

I love Durban, and it will always be home, but I just felt like I needed to move to get a fresh perspective on things and challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone and move to a bigger city. It was hard at first. I cried for like a month. Now I love it. Cape Town has been very welcoming to me. Even still I will move again soon, for a stint oversees hopefully. I’m keen to learn as much as I can from people, and bring it back to SA sometime.Majozi-1What are your plans for this year beyond your album release?

I play live a lot, which I really enjoy. Playing live is a big passion of mine. I have an album launch coming up in June as well as Barnyard tour with my good friends Monark that I’m really excited about. I’ve just become and ambassador for a charity called Paedspal, who deal with terminally ill kids, and I’m so excited to partner with them and help out wherever I can this year, as well as continuing to help out with Hearts that Hope which is an orphanage back home in KZN.

What is your ultimate musical success? And, what are you doing right now to achieve it?

I would really love two win Grammies for best song, best album, and best artist. Musically that’s the goal, but hopefully that success translate into so much more than just that. I hope that success gives people hope, and is more practical, like funding N.G.O.s, helping out the poor and sick. Helping to empower communities around me, and spreading the gospel. If those things don’t happen, then my musical success won’t be worth anything to me.

Photos by Marlon du Plooy

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