Ryki is launching her very first EP today and along with that, we’re sharing an interview we did with her as well as the link to the new EP. Enjoy!

Tell us more about you. You’re about to release your first EP, what has your musical journey been like up until this point?

I’m an artist from Pretoria. Ryki comes from my name Maryke and has always been a nickname. My journey so far has been exciting yet challenging. I learned that patience and gratefulness is key to always have peace in this crazy industry. I’ve got to know myself so much better as an artist and I try to grow everyday from people around me. Whether is observing what I should stay away from or what I should do more of. It has been really great so far. I got to know what my ‘sound’ is which is one of the toughest things to do!

Photo by Waldo Pretorius

You’re inspired not specifically by music you want to recreate, but by the essence of the way certain songs move you. How do you find you incorporate this into your songwriting?

Producers that have worked with me will tell you that I always keep my phone on record because I have to capture how the exact emotion the track is making me feel sounds. After the melody, I start building on the concept it made me feel (either from experience or from general topics). It’s hard to describe because it happens so fast, it’s like a shock of inspiration that you have to put down before you forget it. Music is feelings. If you’re going to try and make a specific song and you think about it too much, it won’t sound personal or real. That type of focus and Inspiration comes when you’ve got peace with the things around you. I couldn’t be happier with the family, boyfriend and friends God blessed me with!

Photo by Waldo Pretorius

You’ve worked with big names in the industry, like Kyle Watson, Sketchy Bongo, and TiMO ODV. What’s that been like and how has that influenced you?

It has been amazing because Universal not only opened doors for me but introduced me to great friends! I love the fact that they wanted to work with me as much as I did with them. These producers inspired me so much that I am currently pursuing courses on production. I wanted to do it a few years ago and they most definitely helped me regain that need to become a producer again!

Besides music, what brings great joy to your soul?

I love everything in the arts so much! Acting would definitely be one of the things I love as much as music.

Other than your EP, what can we expect next?

I might be shooting a TV Show this year. Not sure what God is planning out for me yet but I know He will bless me with big things! Hopefully just making more music!

Photo by Waldo Pretorius

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