Al Bairre are like opening a bag of crisps and finding more crisps than air. They’re the smell of freshly mowed grass in the morning and better than newly baked bread. They’re like the friend at school who gave you half their sandwich when you forgot your lunch at home.

Basically, they’re a damn good thing, and if you’re anything like us you’ve probably gone through at least 23 boxes of tissues and 5 bottles of rescue remedy since they broke the (extremely heartbreaking) news that Al Bairre would be coming to an end.

Ahead of their last ever shows at Large on the Lawn in Joburg, and Kistenbosch in Cape Town; we’d ask them some of the questions we know you’re all dying to know the answers to, because we certainly were.

Do you all wear tie dye underwear?

Every day except Mondays. Mondays are ‘No Undie Mondy’.

How much do you think you’ve spent on glitter over the years?

Last year we spent one million Rand on glitter. Before tax.

Where do you see yourselves in 50 years from now? 

Spur. Their pensioner deals are unmatched.

What, in your opinions, is a good rule to live a nice life by?

Always wipe from front to back.

If you lost the twins, what would you say on their missing posters?

“We’ve lost the twins again. You know what to do. No reward this time”.

If one of you turned into a Ukulele, what song would you play on him/her? 

Smoke on the Water.

Will you listen to breakup songs after your final show, and if so which ones? 

We requested a Dido CD for our backstage room at Kirstenbosch.

Will you guys do a 5 person totem pole at your last show?

Does a bear shit in the woods?

And there you have it folks, questions have been answered and mysteries solved, and if you know what’s good for you then you should definitely check out Al Bairre at Large on the Lawn this Sunday in Joburg or at their Kirstenbosch Concert on the 2nd of April in Cape Town.


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