We talk to Gavin Edwards, The Voice runner-up, about his debut album Silver Skies.

When did you realise that you wanted to be in the music industry?

I sort of just started as me, my sister’s boyfriend and some friends jamming in a garage for fun. I was the drummer then and we were pretty bad in the beginning, but we were learning still then and we got to a stage were we had to get a singer and we all compared voices and I was the least terrible out of the bunch so I got the mic and was playing drums and singing. Once we got another drummer and rehearsed a lot more we did our first gig at The Jolly Roger pub in Parkhurst and we did such a great gig the owner gave us each a pizza and R50 and we officially became a cover band.

What is it like being given big opportunities like working with Brian McFadden and being on The Voice?

I have always been so blessed in my music career over the 21 years especially working with Brian McFadden, he was an amazing teacher, friend and manager and showed me a world with some of the biggest and best stars that little old me from SA was very overwhelmed to be in. Not looking back in regret but one thing I wish I did then that I did in The Voice was give it my full attention and everything I had to give (and maybe being off the alcohol). It’s one thing to be giving these opportunities but being on your A-game and ready for anything is the place you want to be when these opportunities present themselves. I’m grateful I’ve finally learnt that lesson.

How has your experience on The Voice changed you?

Leaps and bounds to what my career and opportunities were before. The show, my attitude towards my music and discipline have changed because on the show we quickly found out that to be great at what you do you need hours of preparation. Consider things right down to every detail. Every word and every note you sing must get your full attention so that when you step on stage you are so well-rehearsed that the only thing you have to do is add the emotion the song deserves.

What are you next plans?

I’ve officially finished recording my debut album, Silver Skies, through Universal Records and with the amazing Denholm Harding. My plan now is to hit the road and get my album to as many South Africans as I can. I’ll be playing all over SA until the end of year and  just staring at my little boy, Cody, because he is just to cute. I’m ready to end off this already amazing year with a bang.

What is your ultimate musical success and what are you going to do to reach it?

It’s always been my dream to fill out stadiums and arenas with fans, that will always be the ultimate dream. I now have my first debut album so that’s just the beginning. I’m going to keep writing, recording and playing shows but in reality I’m in a very different place in my life. Before it was about filling stadiums and being a rock star where now I realize I just want to play music to whoever wants to listen and if that’s 1 person or a million I’m happy. However, I’m working and pushing hard, don’t get me wrong. I might be more at ease in my heart but I always dream big.

Photo by Canton Parker.

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