You’ve been all over the world and have managed to build up fan bases in the London, Ibiza and Dubai. How have your experiences abroad shaped your current music style?

I was pretty blessed to spend the beginning of my career in some of the most influential music capitals (USA/Canada you are next!). It’s sharpened my ears for recognising, creating and producing those number one hits. This learning process takes years to master and I’m still growing.

On that note, why have you decided to come back home to continue your success?

To be on home ground. To have local support. It’s really important for me to have roots – at some point we all come home and South Africa is booming with new emerging music, so gotta be part of this! (Please don’t call it FOMO hahaha!)

Tell us more about your latest single, My Fire. What inspired it and what was the production process behind it?

Last year spent a lot of time in studio developing my sound and repertoire. When Sarah de Courcy’s song came to me, it spoke to me – I knew this was an opportunity to really dig in and nail it. I was very excited to take “My Fire” into studio and make it my own. The process of rehearsing, recording and producing it to the final record with sign off – took about four months. This song challenged me vocally, made me work for it and I love that everyone is lighting it up.

Lisa-Goldin-1What was it like performing alongside Ed Sheeran and Jessie J?

Overwhelming, mind-blowing and two of the happiest moments in my life. I learn from everyone I work with. That’s the beauty of music… It’s natural to just listen, learn and then hone your own thang!

You have invested a lot in your musical dream. What advice would you give to young people trying to live out their dreams?

Work harder than you party! Rehearsal is everything. Believe you can do it. Work with the best. Keep it clean. Network, network, network!

What is your ultimate musical success?

Firstly, to be a household name in South Africa and following that to be recognised as a singer-songwriter worldwide. It’s not about fame, it’s about fellow musicians and songwriters saying, “Hey I’d like to work with Lisa Goldin. We could create something really special.” Every step requires that more of me and I’m all for it for the rest of my life.

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