We spoke to OH ROXY, a new musical act smashing the pop scene in South Africa. They have just released their debut single, “This is Me”.

What is it like living out your dreams?  

Phew! It is amazing! Cannot believe that I get to wake up everyday and just make music. I feel really fortunate that I can live out my dream of being a full time musician.

Tell us more about your latest single, “This Is Me”. What inspired it and what was the production process behind it?

During Idols, I was seen as the “Amy Winehouse”‘of the season. Which is the best compliment of course. She is one of my heroes. But I didn’t want to be perceived as a mimic artist. So OH ROXY was formed with my producer, Kamil. Together we created the song “This is Me”. We’re an alternative pop band with a local vibe, mixed in with some strangeness. Kamil is the best composer I’ve ever worked with. He has mind blowing skills when it comes to creating a song. He wrote the melody, and I wrote the lyrics. And from there we chucked in ideas and the song was made! “This is Me” is an introduction to the real person and musician that I am. I want to be seen as OH ROXY and drift away from the Idols brand.

Tell us about your Idols experience. What was it like being on the show? And, although you didn’t win do you like how your life has turned out since the competition?  

Idols was an incredible experience! We worked with SA’s biggest names in the music industry, plus we did mad amounts of vocal training with the legend himself RJ Benjamin, which will stay with us for life.

After Top 9, everything just fell into place. I love where I am now as a musician and performer. Couldn’t ask for a better career! Singed to David Gresham Records with an EP on the way. You just don’t get better than that! Whooo!

You’ve been able to achieve so much at such a young age. What advice would you give to young people trying to live out their dreams?

My advice, Keep making music. Never stop playing! Take criticism, learn from mistakes and keep on pushing for your music to be heard. Not just for the audience, but for yourself, because there is no better way of being the real you then when you’re on stage performing.

What is your ultimate musical success?

I think the ultimate success for OH ROXY’s career would be to go on tour with Hozier. It’s a long shot but that is my goal. His tone is unbelievable and his lyrics give me goosebumps. Would be the biggest honour.

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