We had the opportunity to have a quick chat with Werner Bekker, check out what this rad man had to say.

Hey Werner! It’s great to finally get to chat you. We’ve been following your music at the blog for awhile now. What have you got on the go at the moment?

I’ve been working with a new producer, Daniel Russouw, who I love working with for several reasons. When we started talking about recording music together we struck some strings with each other that just stuck.We both wanted to make music and videos that are beautiful but equally honest in emotional and sound quality.

We wanted to bring out the buzzes in the strings, the silences between the noises and the creaks of chairs and other furniture. Nothing beats authenticity.  At the moment we are releasing acoustic videos called ‘The Spoken Open Sessions’ . The first few sessions revolve around a new EP that is currently being conceived and recorded  but we won’t give too much away on that just yet… Just know it’s going to be raw, rustic and lyrically driven.

Are there any artists that particularly influence your style or songwriting?

I’ve mentioned artists like Ben Howard and Damien Rice before and they’ll have to remain at the top spot for now. I have however started broadening my influences and find myself momentarily stuck on ‘The Kooks’, Thom Yorke and Nick Drake. They seem to be driving some interesting ideas about music, lyrics and composition that I can really relate to. Anything acoustic seems to strike a cord.

Other than music-related stuff, what do you hope to get out of 2017?

I hope to meet new and interesting people who I can share with, I hope to eat well, work hard and sleep harder, and if at all possible travel a bit and see some more of our amazingly beautiful country.

Are there any live music evenings that Joburg/Pretoria should really know more about?

TJ’s acoustic forum is an amazing event that takes place once a month at Marks park. It’s intended for a seated audience who are keen to listen intently. Another fantastic one for festival-types is the fourways farmers market.

How do you feel about Oppi and Daisies sharing a weekend?

Obviously they have their reasons for doing what they do. From a musician’s perspective it makes our lives just that little bit harder. Now we have two major events happening at the same time which draws away from participation and means that we have to draw more people. Who knows how it will pan out? Maybe and hopefully it’s a major success!

Where can we find you in the weeks to come?

If you’re in Pretoria, I’ll be at Railways cafe on the 10th and Arcade empire on the 24th. If in Johannesburg, catch me at the Craft Beer library every Saturday from 6-9pm. You can also see all these dates and many more on my Instagram page.

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Photo by: Will Rayz

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