We spoke to Hellcats ahead of Halloween 2016.

Talk us through your sound. How would you describe yourselves?

Hellcats are a two piece, stripped down, bare knuckle rock n roll band. Our sound is unashamedly raw, with dirty, bluesy riff’s, pounding drums and wailing 70’s-esque vocals.

What can we expect from your Halloween 2016 performance?

Two delinquents with bad attitudes will tear through the living dead like a chainsaw with our loud offensive rock n roll. We’re basically going to be producing a cult horror film with our music.

What do you like most about Halloween?

I like that Arcade Empire throws the biggest and best Halloween party in the country. I’m taking a week off work the week after. The babalas fear is real.

What will you be dressing as?

Something terrifying. A skinny white male that dances to the devils music in dark places.

Some members of the Our Friends team rank Jurassic Park in their Top 5 scariest movies. What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever seen?

I think that some members of your team need to harden the fuck up. Jurassic park? Come now…

The scariest thing I’ve ever seen is Donald Trump running for the American presidency. That, and Alessandro (the other half of Hellcats) after last year’s Arcade Empires Halloween party. He looked like Courtney Love and that pukey kid from the Exorcist had a kid.

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